Mehboob Alam Tareen martyred

The Light (UK), October 1997 Issue (pp. 1–2)

It is with the utmost sadness that we announce the assassination of Mr Mehboob Alam Tareen, the publisher of our Kashmir Jamaat’s magazine, Ishaat-ul-Haq.

Over the last few years we have reported the enviable progress being made by our sister organisation in India generally, and especially in Kashmir. The sacrifices made by Dr. Khurshid Alam Tareen and the rest of his family played a great part in the resurgence of the Lahore Ahmadiyya Movement in Kashmir. Translations of the Holy Quran in Hindi and Kashmiri, production of many other booklets and tracts, publication of Ishaat-ul-Haq, purchase of the shops which obscured the view of our mosque in Srinagar and their demolition, renovation of the mosque, establishment of a school, a museum, free medical service were all being looked upon with astonishment by the enemies of this organisation. Mehboob Alam had the courage to put down his name as the publisher of Ishaat-ul-Haq and this led to his assassination.

We know the trauma of such a tragedy. We lost our beloved Imam Muhammad Anwar under the same circumstances. His death gave the UK Jamaat greater determination to promote the cause of Islam and to encourage even more people to join the Ahmadiyya Movement. We are sure this tragedy will also give our brothers and sisters in Srinagar greater determination. As someone said:

“every tragedy of Karbala renews Islam’s strength”.

We are proud that in this day and age when beliefs and principles no longer seem important, there are, among the members of this Jamaat, men like Muhammad Anwar and Mehboob Alam who lay down their lives for their beliefs. The Holy Quran tells us that such people are not dead but they shall live forever.

Just as we remember Syed Abdul Latif Shaheed and Abdur Rehman, martyred in Afghanistan, we shall remember Mehboob Alam Shaheed and Anwar Shaheed. We are free to practice and propagate our religion and views. We would do well to always keep in our thoughts and prayers Ahmadis who are less fortunate than us and do everything in our power to help them. Their blood will irrigate the lands on which mighty trees of Ahmadiyyat shall grow. It is very hard for Mehboob Alam’s young family to bear his loss and our hearts go out to them. We pray to Allah to give them solace and peace. (Ameen)