Syed Abdul Latif Shaheed

An extract from ‘Tazkirat-ush-Shahadatain’

by Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian

The Light (UK), October 1997 Issue (p. 2)

Editors’ Note: The Promised Messiah [Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian] wrote Tazkra-tush Shahadateen in memory of Ahmadis, particularly Syed Abdul Latif, martyred in Afghanistan. The following is an extract from that book.

“Lo! That innocent one was slaughtered like a lamb. Despite being truthful and despite fully putting forward the proof, even though he showed the steadfastness given only to saints; still his pure body was decimated with stones. His widow and orphans were arrested from Khost [Afghanistan] and taken to some other place with humiliation and torture. O Foolish Man, is this the punishment of difference of opinion amongst the Muslims!  What did you think to commit this murder? The British rule, which, in the eyes of this ruler and his maulvis [clerics], is a heretical government, has so many sects living under it. Has this government ever hanged a Hindu or a Muslim because he disagrees with the Christian priests! Lo! O sorrow! that under the heavens a grave injustice took place. An innocent person, though he was truthful, on the right path and thousands of people of good standing bore witness to his righteousness and purity, was mercilessly killed simply because of a difference of opinion in religious matters…. At least he should have asked his maulvis on what kind of heresy have they based their dispensation of stoning to death and why has this difference been made a part of heresy. Why were they not told of the great differences among their own sects and asked whether members of one sect should be stoned to death leaving others. How will the ruler who behaves in this manner answer Allah?

“… the Amir told the prince that he had been declared a heretic, will he now repent or stand punishment. The prince refused saying that he could not go back on the truth.

‘Shall I accept a falsehood just to save my life?’

“…  The Amir wrote a long judgement … which was hung round the neck of the deceased. The Amir ordered that a hole should be made in the deceased’s nose and a noose put though it. Then he was dragged to the place of execution with this rope while he was taunted, abused and cursed. At the place of execution, he was buried to the waist in the ground. The Amir went to him again and said that if he denied the Qadiani who claims to be the Promised Messiah, he could still save him. The Amir said that … he should take pity on his own life and his family. The Shaheed [Martyr] replied

‘Allah save me from recanting the truth; life and family and children are not things for which I will forsake faith. I would rather die for the truth.’

“The qadi then threw the first stone which grievously wounded the deceased. The unfortunate Amir threw the next stone… and thousands of stones fell until a mound of stones was formed round his head… O Abdul Latif may ye be blessed thousands of times for you showed an example of steadfastness in my own life time. I know not the deeds of those who shall come after….

“O ye people listen that this is a prophecy from the One who created the heavens and the Earth that He will spread this, His own, jamaat in all countries and, through argument and debate, He should grant it victory over all. God will bless this jamaat and He shall cause those who aim to destroy it, to fail….

“God has said to me … lament not their martyrdom  for in their martyrdom is God’s Wisdom. … God knows best what is good for you but you know not. … There are blessings in this blood. The land of Kabul shall see what fruit this blood will bring. It will not be wasted. …  It will lead to monumental consequences. It is said that after the murder … cholera broke out in Kabul and thousands died, including many prominent people and members of the Amir’s family. This is nothing. This murder was without mercy and nothing, under the heavens bears comparison to it. Lament! What has this foolish ruler done! He has destroyed himself by killing without mercy an innocent person. O land of Kabul bear witness that a heinous crime was committed on you. O unfortunate land you have fallen from God’s grace….”

The events which have taken place in Afghanistan since then bear testimony to the truth of this prophecy by the Promised Messiah. May Allah forgive our brothers over there for the mistakes that they made and bless all those who lay down their lives for truth. (Ameen)