Remembrance of Allah

by Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian

The Light (UK), March 1998 Issue (pp. 1–2)

It is incumbent upon a Muslim to take some part in removing the dangers faced by Islam in this age. This is the highest worship: everyone to take part in doing away with this danger.  What you need is to use your power of speech, use your knowledge, indeed use every faculty that you have in a sincere effort to remove from the world, the sin and irreverence against Islam that is spread these days. What will it benefit you to find comfort and joy in this world? What will you gain by receiving the reward here? Attain the reward of the Hereafter which is without limit. Each one of you should have the same fervour for the Unity of Godhead as the Lord Himself has.

Consider, where would you find a person who suffered greater abuse than our Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessing of Allah be upon him). There is no dirt, no abuse and no name calling to which he is not subjected. Is it a time when Muslims should sit quietly! Do you believe that the unbelievers have the right to fabricate without shame lies against our prophet and mislead the people? If no one rises at this time as a witness for the Truth to close the mouth of the liar, then remember there will be a severe call to account. You need to use the knowledge and understanding you have to save people from this trial.

The hadith tells us that, even if you do not do so, the anti-Christ will still be destroyed. These trials started in the 13th century (of Hijra [Islamic Era]) and the time is close when they will come to an end. It is every person’s duty, as far he can, to make a great effort to show the light to the people. God only regards those who show such fervour as close to Him and as His friends. God wants His Glory to be manifested. The recitation of subha na rabi yal azim (Glory to my Lord the Great) and subha na rabi yal alla (Glory to my Lord the Most High) is also a desire for the manifestation of the glory of God. His glory is to be established in such a way that there is no parallel. Other recitations in the prayer also reveal that God has called people to establish, with great natural fervour and effort, that nothing can over-power Him. This is real worship. Those who, in accordance with His Will, develop this fervour, they are His supporters. They are blessed. Those who do not have this feeling for the Greatness of God, for His Glory and for His Holiness, their prayers are meaningless and their prostration useless. Unless you have this feeling for God, your prostrations through which you want to attain paradise are mere rituals.

Remember that physical movement without inner feeling cannot be beneficial. Just as the meat and the blood of the sacrifice (at Eid-ul-Adha) does not reach God, the bowing and prostration which is devoid of inner feeling, does not reach him either. It is the feeling in your hearts that God wants to develop. He loves those who possess the urge to establish His Glory and His Greatness. Those who do so walk along such narrow paths that others cannot accompany them. You will not make any (spiritual) progress unless you develop this feeling ….

Each person has a paramount desire (in life). You cannot become a true Muslim until you give precedence to establishing the Glory of God over your other desires. (The word) wali means one who is close or a friend. You will be called a wali when you make your desires subservient to His. This is the feeling you should have for Allah. Then you will be close to Him ….

Remember that any worship or sacrifice will not be accepted unless you perform it for God, not for yourself. The hope of personal advantage and profit should not be mixed with it. Even you should be unable to fathom why you possess this love for God. There is a great need of such people in abundance. Nothing can happen without God’s Command. Those who engage in the service of religion should not think that they are doing God a favour. The time has come to remove this evil.

Worship of Trinity has exceeded all limits. Abuse of the truthful one has reached a pinnacle. The Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) has been more abused than even the lowliest creature. A person may show some fear of being bitten by an ant but he has no hesitation in abusing the Holy Prophet. They open their mouths, as wide as they can, and from them comes bad language (hurled at the Holy Prophet Muhammad). The time has come when God is to answer them.

At such time, He always produces a man in accordance with the verse that “His Laws do not change”. He produces a man who possess a supreme love of His Greatness and His Glory. Help from the Unseen, is such a person’s support. God makes such arrangements Himself…. By this means Heavens prepare for those people who exceed the limits. What I have explained are the signs which show that this is the time for the Heavens to make ready to answer those who exceed the limits. The sign of a true nabi (prophet), rasul (messenger) and mujaddid (reformer) is that he appears at the right time, the time when he is needed. Are the people prepared to swear an oath that the time (when Divine Help is needed) has not arrived.

Remember, it is all God’s work. Even if all of you were to retire to your homes, it will still get done. The anti-Christ will fall; his ascent shows that it is now time for his descent…. However, the fulfilment of Lord’s works takes time. (Malfuzat, vol. 10, p. 176)