Hazrat Ameer Prof. Dr. Abdul Karim Saeed’s Tour of the U.K.

A Report on a Function held at Milton Keynes on 2nd May 2005

by Dr. Mujahid A. Saeed

The Light (UK), July 2005 Issue (p. 3)

2nd May 2005 was a bright, sunny day, but it had been forecast that it would drizzle around midday. Yet the ‘Sun of Ahmadiyyat’ had shone bright throughout the day. Dr. Jawad Ahmad (son of Mr. Nasir Ahmad Syed) had arranged a meeting at his residence in Milton Keynes, inviting Hazrat Ameer [Prof. Dr. Abdul Karim Saeed] for lunch and to address his family members (approximately 5 families from Milton Keynes). Also present were: Mr. Hamad Ahmad (Dr. Jawad Ahmad’s brother), Mr. Khalid Abdullah (son of Dr. S.M. Abdullah, the late Imam of the Woking Mosque) and his wife, Mr. Azhar-ud-Din Ahmad (son of Mr. Fakhur-ud-Din Ahmad of Rawalpindi, ex-General Secretary of the Central Anjuman) and family, and others. In total there were about 50 people invited.

Hazrat Ameer with the children at the Milton Keynes function. Mrs Sumera Ahmad is also in the picture.

The function started with the visitors chatting amongst themselves on various topics. The children, on the other hand, were making sure they made the most out of one another’s company, the sunny day, beautiful weather and the well-trimmed back garden!

This was followed by a sumptuous lunch, making Hazrat Ameer feel quite at home with the traditional Pakistani dishes.

Poem recitation followed the lunch, and Faizan Ahmad, son of Dr. Jawad Ahmad, melodiously recited two poems from the Songs of Islam. Young Shahyan Ahmad, son of Mr. Hamad Ahmad, and a cousin of his were soon to follow suit with recitation of the Kalima.

Then Hazrat Ameer made everyone’s day with a beautiful exposition of Sura Luqman (Chapter 31 of the Holy Quran), that was addressed particularly towards the children present for the occasion. In an easy-to-understand language, he taught these young Ahmadis the qualities of a true believer in Allah.

Then came tea and refreshments followed by a photo shoot to capture this memorable occasion.

Zuhr and Asr prayers were then offered in congregation, and then Hazrat Ameer bid farewell to the members that had travelled so many miles to be in his presence.

On his way back to Bedford, Hazrat Ameer was shown around Milton Keynes by Dr. Jawad Ahmad, and there was a short stop at a beautiful mustard farm.

May Allah reward all those who made this day possible. And, for Allah to have allowed all of us to benefit from Hazrat Ameer’s blessed visit.