News: London Bombing (7th July 2005)

The Light (UK), August 2005 Issue (pp. 1–2)

As a Muslim organization based in London, we extend our prayers and sympathies to all those who are bereaved or who have suffered in any way as a result of the bombing outrage in London on 7th July. Carrying out such an atrocity is the very opposite of all that Islam teaches and stands for. In the pledge (baiat)that is taken to join our organization, the fourth condition to which we commit ourselves is that:

“He will do nothing in any way to injure his fellow human beings in general and Muslims in particular, neither with the tongue, nor with the hand, nor in any other way.”

The ninth condition reads:

“He will remain engaged in the service of humanity in general … and will use all his God-given powers and blessings for the benefit of humanity.”

These conditions only reflect the teachings of the Holy Quran and the life-long example of the Holy Prophet Muhammad.

Among the suggestions being made by political and religious leaders, Muslim and non-Muslim, as to how to prevent young Muslims from being drawn to extremist activities, the Prime Minister Mr. Blair on 13th July in Parliament called for an international effort to mobilise the

“moderate and true voice of Islam”

and proposed that help should be provided to the Muslim community to counter the “evil” interpretation of their faith. He described the outlook of those committing such outrages as

“an extreme and evil ideology whose roots lie in a perverted and poisonous misinterpretation of the religion of Islam”.

Prince Charles, writing in the Daily Mirror, 14th July, says of the cause in support of which this act was allegedly committed:

“Some may think this cause is Islam. It is anything but. It is a perversion of traditional Islam. As I understand it, Islam preaches humanity, tolerance and a sense of community…”.

He adds that it is the duty of every true Muslim to

“root out those among them who preach and practise such hatred and bitterness”.

Similarly, Muslim leaders as well as ordinary Muslims have stressed the urgent need to distance true Islam from extremist interpretations that lead to such acts of violence and to educate young Muslims in the real, peaceful nature of Islamic teachings.

The sort of education, correction of evil misinterpretations, and the true, moderate voice of Islam that they are urging is exactly what our Movement [Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam] has been providing for the past 120 years. One of the chief tenets of our Movement has been that Islam requires Muslims to live peacefully under any law and society that allows them freedom to practise their faith and that Islam strictly forbids Muslims from committing any kind of violence against the other citizens living in that country. Our Movement has always held that the Muslim viewpoint on any issue, or expression of any grievance, must be presented by peaceful and lawful means, through pen and speech, with the aim of persuading others by argument. The literature produced by this organization and its missionary work is an absolutely indispensable and vital resource in providing correct education on the subject of Islam as a peaceful religion.

Finally, we would like to thank members from our branches around the world who contacted us to ask after our welfare after this incident.