News: Mr. Rashid Pierkhan passes away (13th July 2005)

President of our Jamaat in Suriname

The Light (UK), August 2005 Issue (p. 2)

The deeply shocking and unexpected news of the death of the President of our Jamaat in Suriname (Surinaamse Islamitische Vereniging or SIV), Mr. Rashid Pierkhan, on 13th July 2005, was immediately conveyed to us by several sources. Inna li-llahi wa inna ilai-hi rajiun.

Haji Mohamed Rashid Pierkhan

Dr. Khaliel Ghafoerkhan issued the announcement as follows from Suriname by e-mail:

“With great regret I inform you that early this morning our President Rashid Pierkhan of the SIV jamaat in Suriname passed away at age 67, possibly due to cardiac arrest. You know that he already had two bypass surgeries before. Details about the funeral will follow later. His two daughters, daughter-in-law and 3 grandchildren have to return here from Holland and maybe his brother and two sisters also. Hilla and Faried [his wife and son] are broken and so are we and all members of our jamaat.  The whole Suriname community is shocked. He was a very well known, influential and popular media-man in our country. We pray that Allah Almighty, in His infinite Mercy, grant eternal peace  to the early departed soul of brother Rashid Pierkhan and give solace to the bereaved family. May Allah grant him an abode in the Highest pedestal of Jannate-Firdous.”

I sent Dr. Ghafoerkhan a message of condolence in which I wrote:

“I pray that Allah bestows His mercy and forgiveness upon him and admits him into His Jannat to join our righteous brothers who have passed away before, ameen. I pray that Allah grants patience and steadfastness to all his family and friends to bear this very heavy loss.

I remember, of course, my visit to Suriname in 1997 when we stayed at his residence. When I made three or four speeches during my stay, brother Rashid Pierkhan introduced me to the audience in very kind and generous words. He told me many anecdotes of my grandfather’s [Maulana Abdul Haq Vidyarthi] stay in Suriname. When I last met him in the U.S.A. (perhaps in 2001), he again told me several inspiring anecdotes.

He always kept us entertained with his interesting talk, and was a most charming and gracious man to meet. Brother Rashid Pierkhan was well-known and well-respected in our Movement all over the world. He was held in respect by the late Dr Saeed Ahmad Khan and Mr Nasir Ahmad Faruqui.

I extend my sympathies particularly to his wife and family, and of course also to our members in Suriname. — Zahid Aziz.”