100 Years of Ahmadiyya Anjuman

The Light (UK), September 2005 Issue (pp. 7–8)

At the end of this year [2005] and the beginning of 2006 it will be one hundred years since Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad created the Sadr Anjuman Ahmadiyya to govern the Ahmadiyya Movement after him. He announced the creation of this body in his booklet Al-Wasiyya (‘The Will’), published in December 1905 with a Supplement in January 1906. In this booklet he has also reiterated the religious teachings that his followers must adhere to. We quote from it below:

“It is essential that you, too, should obtain a share of the holy spirit by showing sympathy to fellow-beings and by cleansing your hearts, for without the holy spirit true righteousness cannot be attained. Totally forsaking all lower urges, walk for the pleasure of God in that path which is the narrowest of all paths. Be not enamoured with worldly pleasures, for they cut you off from God. For the sake of God, choose the hard life. That pain which earns the pleasure of God is better than the enjoyment which leads to His anger. That defeat which earns the pleasure of God is better than the victory which brings His wrath. Forsake that love which brings you nearer the wrath of God. If you come to Him with a pure heart, He will help you in every path, and no enemy will be able to harm you. You can never attain the pleasure of God until, forsaking your own pleasure, your enjoyments, your honour, your property and your life, you bear that hardship in His path which brings you face to face with death. But if you do undertake that hardship, you will be taken up into the lap of God like a beloved child. You will become heirs to the righteous who have passed before you, and the doors of every blessing shall be opened to you. But few are such! God has said, addressing me, that righteousness is the tree which must be planted in the heart. The water which nourishes righteousness, waters the whole garden. Righteous­ness is the root without which all else is worthless, but if it is there then everything is there. What does man gain from the useless behaviour of claiming with his tongue that he seeks God, but not taking a step in the path of truth? Look, I say to you truly that the man will perish who has any trace of worldly motives mixed in his faith, and that soul is very close to hell whose aims are not all for God, but some are for God and some for the world. If, therefore, you have even a speck of worldliness in your intentions, all your services to God are in vain. In that case, you do not follow God, but follow the devil. Never expect that God will help you in that condition, for you are a worm of the earth and in a few days you will be crushed like worms are crushed. God will not be in you; but rather, He will be pleased by destroying you. But if you truly die in terms of your desires, then you will appear in God, and God will be with you; that house will be blessed in which you live; those walls will be showered with the mercy of God which are the walls of your house; and that town will be blessed where such a person lives. If your life and your death, and your every move­ment, and your showing of gentle­ness or harshness, are all only for God, and at the time of any hardship and distress you do not put God to the test, nor break with Him, but advance forward, then I say truly that you will be the chosen people of God. You are human beings, as I am, and the same God Who is my God is also your God. Therefore, waste not your powers of good. If you incline wholly to God, then look, I tell you according to the will of God that you will become a chosen people of God. Put the majesty of God in your hearts, and proclaim His unity not only with the tongue but by actions as well, so that God too may open His grace and favour to you by action. Shun malice and show true sympathy to your fellow beings. Walk in every path of virtue, for it is not known from which path you will be accepted.”