News (Deaths):

Mrs Saleema Faruqui, Mr Fazil Ramazan and Mr Daoud Ali

The Light (UK), September 2005 Issue (p. 8)

It is with sadness that we report the following recent deaths.

1. Mrs Saleema Faruqui (Lahore, Pakistan), wife of the late Mr. Naseer Ahmad Faruqui:

Mrs Saleema Faruqui, wife of the late Mr. Naseer Ahmad Faruqui, passed away in Lahore on 21 July [2005] at the age of about ninety. She was one of the most prominent, foremost and active members of the Jamaat [Movement]. She took a deep interest in the publishing, charitable and social work of the Movement, contributing towards it in every possible way. She was, of course, the wife of one of the greatest personalities of our Jamaat, Mr. Naseer Ahmad Faruqui. Mr. Faruqui, who died in December 1991, rose to the top-most positions in his professional career in the Civil Service of British India and then Pakistan, on the one hand, and on the other served the cause of our Movement with the highest distinction through his speeches, khutbas [sermons], Quran lectures, writings, guidance, advice and financial sacrifices. He was renowned for his scrupulously pure morals, honesty and integrity. Mrs Saleema Faruqui mirrored the exemplary qualities of her husband, and was as humble, simple, kind and generous as he was, notwithstanding the very high position they held in the general society and country. I (Zahid Aziz) write this tribute as a witness to their qualities while visualizing Mr. and Mrs Faruqui in my mind as I saw them. I sent the following message to the Central Anjuman, Lahore, on behalf of the U.K. Jamaat:

“I am writing to express my deepest condolences and sympathy to the Jamaat and to Mrs Faruqui’s relatives on her passing away. May Allah grant her forgiveness and protection, have mercy on her, and grant her to enter into His Jannat [Heaven] to join the other righteous people like the late Mr. Naseer Ahmad Faruqui, Ameen, Ameen.

“I knew Mrs Faruqui quite well. About six or seven years ago when I was visiting Lahore, she invited me for lunch at her home and said to me: You are the guest of honour. We talked at length about the earlier times, her days in Bombay when Mr. Faruqui was appointed there in the 1930s, later the time of partition, and still later the time of President Ayub Khan (of Pakistan).

“When Mr. Faruqui was seriously ill in the 1980s, she used to write replies to any letters that he received on his behalf under his instruction. I have one or two of those letters in her beautiful English handwriting. In one letter, Mr. Faruqui says that she was looking after him so well that few wives can serve their husbands so much.

“If there is any example of a wife following her husband in righteousness and the highest moral qualities, then it is Mrs Saleema Faruqui. She was also most refined and graceful in her manner and bearing, and yet simple and humble.

“We have been deprived of the most excellent example of a true Muslim and Ahmadi lady that there could be.”

I may add here that our senior member in the U.K., Mrs Akhtar Aziz, is a great admirer of Mrs Faruqui. Mrs Aziz recalls, as a child, attending the walima [wedding banquet] of Mr. and Mrs Faruqui in the 1930s. Mrs Aziz also relates that at the annual Jalsa (gathering) every December in Lahore, in the ladies’ section Mrs Faruqui used to listen to every speech with undivided, rapt attention throughout, setting an example for the other ladies.

2. Mr Fazil Ramazan (Rawalpindi, Pakistan):

Mr Fazil Ramazan passed away in Rawalpindi, Pakistan, on 2 August 2005. The news received from the Central Anjuman states:

“Mr. Fazil Ramazan came to Lahore, Pakistan from Suriname in the late 1950s to be trained as a missionary. After attending the training course he decided to stay back in Pakistan and remained actively associated with the Jamaat and involved in its affairs. He also successfully pursued his personal skills and business ventures. He was married to sister Zamurad Baigum [sister of Mrs Abdullah of the Woking Mission] from a prominent Ahmadi family of Wazirabad and has two daughters. On one of his extended visits to his family in Holland he married again and subsequently shared his time between Pakistan and Holland. While in Holland, he took a lot of interest in the activities of the Jamaat [Movement]. May Allah Almighty grant eternal peace and a place in Jannat ul Firdaus to the departed soul. May He also grant patience and fortitude to the bereaved family to bear this irreparable loss. Ameen.

I met Fazil Ramazan marhum in October 2001 at the convention in the Hague organized by our Jamaats in Holland. He recounted to me his early days in Lahore when he studied under Maulana Abdul Haq Vidyarthi and knew all our family very well.

3. Mr Daoud Ali (Canada):

Mr Daoud Ali has died in Canada at the age of 83. Originally from Guyana, he was brother of our U.K. Jamaat member Mr Araf Ali and brother-in-law of Mrs Akela Haroun. The deceased was a fervent Muslim and very devoted to prayer and salat. May Allah receive him in His mercy and protection, and grant him a high place in Jannah, Ameen.