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The Light (UK), September 2005 Issue (p. 8)

Please do browse the websites of our Jamaat [Movement]. The Central Anjuman’s website is at: www.aaiil.org

This website has a section for the U.K. Jamaat: www.aaiil.org/uk

Another website is at: www.muslim.org

The U.K. Jamaat also publishes a website about all aspects of the former Woking Muslim Mission. The homepage is at: www.wokingmuslim.org

People searching through the World Wide Web (popularly known as the Internet) for certain kinds of information about Islam in England sometimes make contact with our websites via e-mail. On 13th August [2005] the following e-mail was received:

“I thought you might be interes­ted in this website devoted to my great-grandfather who converted to Islam in 1909. He was vice-president and secretary of the British Muslim Society, attended the Woking Mosque, and wrote the book, “What is Islam?”

You can find the website here:


The site includes two short clips showing Habibullah Lovegrove attending various events at the Woking Mosque during the 1920s and ’30s.

Please let me know if you would like to swap links.

Ben Lovegrove”

We were already very much familiar with the name and face of Mr. Habib­ullah Love­grove from Woking Mission litera­ture and knew of this website. A reply has been sent to this e-mail, mentioning some information about Habibullah Lovegrove which Ben may not have, and hoping to exchange information with him.

Another e-mail is as follows:

“I was very interested to see a photograph of John Parkinson on your website. I have been research­ing his biography for some time now but it has not always been easy to pull together all the information. I live and work in Turkey and it is particularly in relation to his time and contacts here as well as his work with the British Muslim community in the U.K. in the first decade of the 1900s. Any information which you can provide would be gratefully received. Hopefully we can get something into print soon.

Yours sincerely
John Thompson”

Then there was the following e-mail:

“I am contacting you from an organisation called VisitBritain. We are the government-run body respon­sible for promoting British tourism internationally.

We are currently producing a family’s brochure for the UAE Market and are keen to promote Britain as a place where the Muslim faith can be practised openly and easily. To this end, we would like to have some photos of the inside of a mosque, preferably with people worshipping so this idea is clear.

Would you be able to help?

Amy Crees
Segment Marketing Executive”

Appropriate replies have been sent to these e-mails.