Our Beloved Prophet Muhammad (s.w.s.)

A Poem

by Bushra Ahmed

The Light (UK), June 2006 Issue (p. 6)

Pure of heart, mind, body and soul,
Really understanding overall.
Of a meek and mild nature,
Pleasantly he had a wonderful face.
He gave beautiful and inspiring talks.
Effortlessly he did good and was truthful,
Tolerant of all and of the poor very mindful.

Most people loved him and cared about him.
Under an umbrella of protection they kept him.
Have we all learnt from him,
Are we following him, Nations?
Mindful of all his actions,
Moreover a brilliant military strategist,
And he fought for God with his own bare hands.
Dutiful to Allah in every way.

So take heed of him everyday.
Worry not about little things,
So prepare for your approaching Deen.