Report from Berlin

by Muhammad Ali (Imam Berlin Mosque)

The Light (UK), January 2008 Issue (p. 6)

In the month of October [2007] we have had two important activities which were organized in Berlin mosque.

1. October 3rd is the Reunification day of Germany and a national holiday. Since 1997 this day is also celebrated as a day on which the mosques which are interested take part in the initiative to be open for all people. So, like last year we also took part in this. I gave in total 3 lectures about Islam with questions and answers at the end. Some people also bought our books and Quran.

2. Berliner Volkshochschule means Berlin Public High School. This school is a government institution which offers a wide range of courses including nearly every aspect of life like culture, politics, religion, music, etc. We are offering a course for this school in the area of religion. The contents of the course were a visit to the mosque inclu­ding a brief introduction to Islam, attendance and taking part in a Friday prayer. The end was with a question-answer session. So, on 5th October the course was conducted in the mosque. The course was meant to last 3 hours from 11:30 to 14:30. But it was so interesting and full of participation from those who attended that the last person was sitting with us till 15:30.

I would also like to express my gratitude to our brother Manfred Yahya. To hold these two activities alone was not an easy task for me. So, I requested Manfred Yahya to come to Berlin and to help me for these activities. He accepted my request spontaneously and was the silent force who worked behind the scenes to hold these two things so well.