From Shahid Aziz

The Light (UK), January 2010 Issue (p. 8)

Members of the Jamaat [AAIIL(UK)] will be pleased to learn that one of our active members in the U.K., Azhar Ahmad, who is son of a respected elder of the Rawalpindi Jamaat, Mian Fakhr-ud-Din Ahmad, was invited by the UK branch of the United Peace Federation (UPF) to take part in an interfaith meeting on 18th November 2009 in the House of Lords, Committee Room 4A. Mr Azhar Ahmad and his wife represented our Jamaat at this meeting.

The UPF International is an NGO [Non-governmental Organisation] in Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations.

On 24th November 2009 a meeting was held in Committee Room 12 of the Houses of Parliament to discuss the “Contribution of Immigrants to British Society”. The speakers were Ms Yasmin Alibahi-Brown, a well-known columnist and speaker, Rt. Hon. Tom Brake MP, the Home Affairs spokesman for the Liberal Democrat Party and Mr Keith Best, the CEO of the Immigration Advisory Service UK. Mr Ahmad again represented the Jamaat at this meeting.

Both meetings were attended by members of the Houses of Commons and Lords, as well as other dignitaries. Please pray for the success of efforts to mould public opinion at the highest level in the UK.

From Shahid Aziz, Secretary