The Promised Messiah speaks

Extract from: ‘Fath-e-Islam’

by Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian

The Light (UK), July 2011 Issue (pp. 7–8)

So the Wise and Powerful God did just that by sending this humble servant for the reformation of the people, and in order to draw the world towards truth and righteousness He divided the work of the support of truth and the propagation of Islam into several parts.

One part, from among these branches,is the work of writing and producing books, which has been entrusted to this humble servant. And I have been taught the profound knowledge and the fine, subtle truths which can only be learnt through Divine power, and cannot be attained by human effort. Difficult and intricate points have been solved, not by human reasoning, but by the teaching of the Holy Spirit.

The second part of this work is the publication of notices, which is carried on by Divine command for the purpose of fully conveying the arguments and proofs. Till now, more than 20,000 copies of notices have been published to present the arguments of Islam to the non-Muslim people, and this will continue in future according to the needs of the times.

The third part of this work is in connection with the visitors, callers, those journeying in search of the truth, and those arriving here for various purposes, who, having received news of this heavenly Movement, constantly come to meet us, being prompted by their inner intentions. This aspect, too, is under development. Although, some days there are fewer visitors, but on others this activity becomes more vigorous. As a result, in the last seven years more than 60,000 guests have been received here. As to how much spiritual benefit was conferred upon the responsive people among them by my talks, how far their problems were solved, and their weaknesses removed, God the Most High knows. But there is no doubt that the giving of answers orally in reply to the questioners, or explaining something according to the time and the circumstances, has been proved in many cases to be more beneficial, effective and easier to absorb than by means of writings. This was the reason why all prophets employed this method, and except for the Word of God, which was published under special arrangements and was in fact written down, all the other utterances of the prophet’s spread as speeches made on various occasions.

The fourth part of this work is the writing of letters to the seekers after truth and the opponents. Up to now, in the period mentioned above, over 90,000 letters have been received, which have been replied to, except those, which were considered to be junk or unnecessary. This work continues regularly, and the number of letters exchanged every month probably varies from 300 to 700 or even a thousand.

The fifth part of this work, which God the Most High has specially established with His revelation, is the formation of disciples and those who take the baiat (Pledge). At the time of founding this Movement, God informed me, saying:

“There is a storm of misguidance raging on the earth, so build this ark at the time of this deluge. Whoever enters this ark will be saved from drowning, but he who denies will perish.”


“He who gives his hand into your hand, he has given it not into your hand but into the hand of God.”

And the Lord God has given me the following glad tidings:

“I will cause you to die and exalt you towards Myself, but your true followers and devotees will remain till the Day of Judgment, and will always be dominant over those who oppose.”

This is the five-fold Movement which God the Most High has set up with His own hand. Although a person looking superficially will consider only the work of producing writings to be essential, and regard the other parts as unnecessary and superfluous, but in the sight of God all of these are essential. And the reformation, which He has willed cannot be accomplished without the use of all these five methods.

Consider, for instance, just the writing of books. If we undertake the work of propagation in the fullest sense, how much financial resources shall we stand in need of! For, if our purpose is the full accomplishment of propagation, then it must be our object that our religious literature, which is full of jewels of knowledge and matters profound, and draws seekers of the truth to the right path, should rapidly and in large quantity reach people who are afflicted with fatal spiritual diseases, even almost to the point of death, by the influence of unwholesome teachings. We must always have it in view that whenever a country is in a dangerous spiritual condition, due to the murderous poison of misguidance, our books should be disseminated there without delay, and reach the hands of every seeker after truth.

But it is obvious that it is impossible to attain this object to its fullest if we always have in our minds the consideration that our books should be distributed by sale. To publish books merely for the purpose of sale, and to force worldliness into a religious cause for selfish motives, is a mean and objectionable method, and its ill effect will be that we would neither be able to distribute our books speedily in the world nor make large numbers of them reach the people. It is undoubtedly and absolutely true that if, for instance, we were distributing free a hundred thousand copies of a book, we would be able to take them to the most distant countries in only twenty days, and disseminate them generally among every community and in every place, giving them to all those who seek the truth and the right path. But if a price were to be charged, we would not be able to accomplish the same kind of work on such a grand scale perhaps even in twenty years. If the books were to be sold, we would keep them locked up in boxes and wait for customers or for their orders by mail. And it is possible that during this long wait we may ourselves pass away from the world, and the books remain locked in boxes. Therefore, as the scope of selling books is very restricted and damaging to the real object, and prolongs the work of a few years to centuries, and as no generous and enterprising wealthy man from among the Muslims has so far come forward to buy a large number of our recent books to distribute them free in the way of Allah, nor is there any Society for Islam, like the Christian missions, to assist in this work, nor can any reliance be placed on one’s life so that we could wait for long in expectation of reaching a great age, I have, therefore, from the very beginning adopted the rule regarding all my books that, so far as possible, a large proportion of them should be distributed free in order that, being full of the light of truth as they are, they spread rapidly and extensively in the world.