From the Founder [Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian]: Meaning of the Baiat [Pledge]

The Message, March 2001 Issue, p. 11

You must remember that this Jamaat [Movement] has not been formed for the members to increase their wealth and achieve success in worldly affairs and that they should lead their lives in comfort. A person who is only after these things is utterly disliked by God. They should look at the lives of the Companions of the Holy Prophet [Muhammad] (sas). They did not like to live forever. Instead, they were always prepared to lay down their lives for Allah’s sake. The Baiat [pledge] signifies selling one’s self. When one has dedicated one’s life, why should one, then, think and talk too much of this life. Anyone who does that, can be said to have initiated into this Jamaat as a matter of formality. Only such a person can stay as a member who is desirous of establishing his faith on a solid foundation. One should study the life of the Holy Prophet (sas) and his Companions every day.

(From: Malfuzat, Vol. VIII, p. 185)