The Muslim Revival:

Official Magazine of the Ahmadiyya Anjuman Ishaat-e-Islam Lahore

June 1932 Issue (Vol. 1, No. 2)

Table of Contents:

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  • Information on the Magazine
  • Photograph: A Relic of Islam in Granada (The Garden of Generalife)
  • Photograph: The Sacred Tunic of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)
  • Religion and the Modern Mood (Text of an address delivered on April 11, 1932, by Maulvi Muhammad Yaqub Khan at the Henry Martyn School, Lahore, before a distinguished gathering of missionaries held under the auspices of the Church Mission Council)
  • History and Doctrines of the Babi Movement [Part 2] (Mirza Yahya, Subh-i-Azal and Mirza Hussain Ali, Bahaullah) by Maulana Muhammad Ali
  • World Conference for International Peace through Religion by Maulana Muhammad Ali
  • Islam’s Contribution to the Peace of the World [Part 2] by Sheikh Abdul Haq, P.C.S.
  • Dante and Islam by Dr. Sheikh Inayat Ullah, M.A., Ph.D.
  • The Prophet’s Tunic by Prof. Castagne, Paris
  • Light and Life — A Study of the Quran [Part 2] by Dr. Basharat Ahmad Faruqui
  • Photograph: Alhambra
  • Photograph: Ghazi Mustafa Kamal Pasha (Founder of Modern Turkey) and H.M. Riza Shah (Founder of Modern Persia)
  • Contemporary Thought and Life:
    • Woman in Modern Russia
    • Marriage
    • Special Privileges
    • Care of Children
    • Law and Order
    • The Quran in Turkish
    • Afghanistan under Nadir Shah
    • Suppression of Church in Spain
    • Power-Nationalism
    • Turkey’s Three-year Plan
    • Slavery in Christian Abyssinia
  • Book Reviews:
    • Jawed Nama by Dr. Sir Muhammad Iqbal, Lahore, India
  • Notes and Comments:
    • Muslim Leaders’ Manifesto
    • Hindus and Terrorism
    • What is Nationalism?
    • Muslims’ Military Importance
    • British Yoke or Hindu?
    • Separation of Sind [Sindh]
    • Marriage Laws in Persia
  • Photograph: Some Islamic Papers and Journals from China

Editor: Maulana Muhammad Yaqub Khan (Edited under the general direction of Maulana Muhammad Ali)
Printer: Muhammad Rahmat Ullah at the Ripon Printing Press, Bull Road, Lahore
Publisher: Muhammad Rahmat Ullah from The Muslim Revival Office, Ahmadiyya Buildings, Lahore (India)