Talim-ul-Islam College, Qadian

The Review of Religions (English), June 1903 Issue (Vol. 2, No. 6, inner face of back cover)

1. The growing success of the High School having made it desirable to provide for higher collegiate education, First Year Class has been opened this year at Qadian, District Gurdaspur.

2. This institution is under the patronage of Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, Chief of Qadian, the Promised Messiah, and is managed by Khan Sahib Muhammad Ali Khan, Reis of Maler Kotla, Qadian.

3. Subjects taught are:

  • Islamic Theology
  • Arabic
  • English
  • Persian
  • Mathematics
  • History
  • Philosophy

The College gives secular and spiritual education side by side; nevertheless, there are no creed distinctions for the students.

4. No fees shall be charged for two years.

5. There is in connection with the institution a boarding house intended to accommodate as many students as are willing to join it. A dispensary is attached to the boarding house.

6. Staff:

  • Maulvi Sher Ali, B.A. — Principal, and Professor of English, Philosophy and History
  • Maulvi Muhammad Ali, M.A., LL.B.  — Professor of Mathematics
  • Maulvi Hakeem Nur-ud-Din — Professor of Islamic Theology
  • Maulvi Abdul Karim [of Sialkot] — Professor of Arabic Language and Literature
  • Maulvi Syed Muhammad Sarwar Shah — Professor of Persian

For further particulars, apply to:

Maulvi Sher Ali, B.A.,
Principal, T.I. College [Talim-ul-Islam College],
Qadian, District Gurdaspore [Gurdaspur]

1st June 1903