Urdu Book Review: ‘Makhzan-e-Hikmat’ by Khan Sahib Dr. Hakim Ghulam Jilani

The Review of Religions (English), March/April 1908 Issue (Vol. 7, Nos. 3 and 4, pp. 142–143)

Khan Sahib Dr. Hakim Ghulam Jilani, formerly attached to the British Consulate at Seistan [Sistan] and a member of the Sanitary Council of Persia, has compiled a book in Urdu مخزنِ حکمت [‘Makhzan-e-Hikmat’], dealing with modern Medical Science and giving to the reader a résumé of all its branches combined with some information about the mode of treatment according to the Unani [Greek] system.

The book is a unique addition to Urdu literature and gives useful information to the busy practitioner and to the lay head of a family alike. Although the book cannot claim to displace the medical textbooks so ably translated and compiled by the Civil Assistant Surgeons, it may very appropriately be prescribed as a textbook for the promotion examination of the compounders attached to the Government dispensaries or employed by private firms in their medical shops, etc.

It is a very good reference book and with its elaborate indexes, tables and glossaries anything wanted may be found easily and immediately. There is very little information about Surgery and although much cannot be given in such a handy vade-mecum [handbook] and family doctor, a chapter on first aid in emergency cases and on antiseptics may usefully be added in the next edition.

The get-up of the book is excellent and we recommend the book to all medical men — hakims [Indian traditional doctor] or doctors — and to the Urdu-knowing public as well.

The book can be had from the author whose address is Shams-ul-Atibba, Gumti Bazar, near City Water Works, Lahore. Price Rs. 4-8.