The Review of Religions (English):

Official Magazine of the Ahmadiyya Movement

January 1914 Issue (Vol. 13, No. 1)

Table of Contents:

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  • Important Notice to the Subscribers
  • Muslim India and Islamic Review
  • The Perfect Religion (Part 11) by Prof. M. Ata-ur-Rahman (Rajshahi, Bengal):
    • Polygamy
      • Universality of Islam
      • Need of Polygamy
      • Recognition of Divorce a Step towards Polygamy
      • Polygamy a Remedial Measure
      • Polygamy before Islam
      • Polygamy considered from the Social Point of View
      • Polygamy considered from the Religious Point of View
      • Restrictions imposed on Polygamy
      • The Private Life of the Prophet [Muhammad (pbuh)]
      • Abuse of Polygamy
      • Two more checks to Polygamy
      • The Special Privileges
      • Character of the Prophet [Muhammad (pbuh)]
  • Quranic Arguments of the Creatorship of God by Shaikh Timur (M.A.O. College, Aligarh):
    • The Confutation of Metempsychosis and a Comparison of the Philosophy of the Vedas and the Quran
  • Our Conception of God by Qazi Abdul Haque
  • Notes and Comments:
    • Progress of the Ahmadiyya Movement
    • Islam in England (East meets West in the Footsteps of the Prophet [Muhammad (pbuh)])
    • The Muslim’s Prayer by Lord Headley
    • Islam in China

Editor: Maulana Muhammad Ali, M.A., LL.B.
Assistant Editor: Maulvi Sher Ali, B.A.
Printer: K. B. Malik at the Ahmadiyya Printing Works, Lahore
Publisher: The Sadr Anjuman-i-Ahmadiyya, Qadian, District Gurdaspur, Punjab, India