The Ahmadiyya Movement Day by Day

by Muhammad Manzur Ilahi (Joint Secretary, Ahmadiyya Anjuman Ishaat-e-Islam Lahore)

The Young Islam, 1st July 1934 Issue (Vol. 1, No. 3, Supplement pp. 1–2)


Mr A. Wermicke, a businessman of Berlin, aged about sixty-two years, embraced Islam on 21st May 1924 because

“he could not find peace of mind and soul in Christianity and so he aban­doned it.”

His photo and declaration form have been received in headquarters.

The Berlin Mosque stands in need of early repairs. The Imam is appealing direct to philanthropic Muslims for help which we hope will be forth­coming.

A Muslim Nawab of India paid a visit to Berlin and went to see the Mosque. The Imam invited him to tea but as his visit was too short he could not find time to accept this invita­tion. He has however promised to pay a visit when he goes again in September next [1935]. He and his Begum Sahiba, however saw the Mosque and were pleased with it.


Mr I. M. S. writes that he is residing in London for over thirteen years and came across our free Islamic literature which interested him much and he has organized a platform in Hyde Park since eleven months to defend and interest the Europeans in Islam. He needs some Islamic literature for free distribution among the enquirers. In summer days the meetings are especially crowded owing to people coming to London from all over the world for spending their holidays.

Note by the Editor, The Young Islam: Sufficient free literature has been supplied to the gen­tleman for distribution.

Gambia (B.W.A. [British West Africa]):

Mr S.A.R. acknowledges receipts of our free Islamic literature, some of which he has sent to his friends in Senegal (French West Africa) who are sure to write to the head­quarters direct.

Java (D.E.A. [Dutch East Indies]):

Mirza Wali Ahmad Beg, our Missionary writes:

“The number of the would-be-buyers of the Dutch translation of the Holy Quran is daily increasing. We have received names of would-be-buyers from all parts of Nederland’s East Indies. There are some buyers from Hol­land also.

But I am sorry to say that the opposition is also increasing. We do not care for opposition from mullahs [Muslim clerics]. Now new enemies have entered the field—the Roman Catholic and the Protestant missionaries. They, with their schools and hospitals and other worldly methods, have tried for so many years to wipe off Islam from these Islands and now that they know that their long-cherished victory is about to be snatched off their hands, they would not sit passive. They are trying their utmost to stop the Dutch translation of our Holy Quran, for they know what kind of influence it would have upon the minds of young Dutch-educated Muslims. May Allah frustrate all their plans.”

Dutch Translation of Quran:

I am glad to inform you that we received a reply from the Secretary of the Dutch Govern­or General saying that the Dutch Government would have no objection to the printing of the Dutch translation of the Quran since the English translation of Hazrat Amir [Maulana Muhammad Ali] is a well-known international book.

Up to this time 8000 gilders have been received in advance as the price of the Dutch Quran, and 2000 persons have enlisted their names as its would-be purchasers. This is all the grace of God. If everything goes well, Insha Allah, by the end of this coming September the Dutch translation of the Holy Quran will be in your hands. Please pray to God, for without His help nothing can be done.

After the Quran is out we shall think of sending our Muslim missionary to Holland. For this purpose we have arranged to deposit 10,000 guilders in the bank beforehand. Looking to the enthusiasm of our brothers and sisters, I have no hesitation in saying that the proposed sum will be collected in a very short time.

This time our anniversary will take place at Batavia in the last week of the coming July. Batavia is the capital of Indonesia, and we have a great hope of success.


Baghdad brethren are very active and have sent a detailed report of their activities in different cities of Iraq and have enrolled perma­nent sympathisers for Foreign Missions. They have remitted Rs. 143 towards the help of different activities of the movement.


Baron Omar, who is in charge of the Vienna Muslim Mission, writes that Hussain Hilmi Durief, former Military Imam of the Austro-Hungarian Army, seems to be a devoted Muslim, doing his very best to improve the desolate situation of the fifty to one hundred poor Muslim families living in Budapest (Hungary). He is collecting funds in order to provide material help for the poorest ones and seems to try his best to give a proper religious education to the children. Thus it seems that he is doing far more and better work than the Turk priest Abdul Latif, who is paid by the Hungarian Government but seems not to exert his powers for the badly needed creative and educational work among the Muslims of Hungary.

Dr Julius Germanus is an intellectual and educated Muslim. He reads and writes in good Arabic style and is said to be a scholar of Turkish and Persian as well. He seems to be on good terms with Hussain Hilmi. Both these gentlemen aim at the erection of a mosque and a school near the old tomb of the Turkish Muslim saint, Gul Baba, in Budapest. This noble task is supported by Hungarian Christians of good position. Good relations with Turkey and the Islamic countries of the near East being a progative point of official Hungarian policy.

I was given a hearty reception by the Gul Baba Committee and Hussain Hilmi, as well as by Dr Germanus, and got a good impression of the eager activities of both the gentlemen.


Mr A. A. Headmaster acknowledges receipt of our free Arabic literature which he says explains the principles of Islam very reasonably and is full of useful information regarding Islam. Slavery and the torment of Hell not being eternal require exhaustive explanations to enable us to defend Islam on our lines.

A Friend from Albania in Lahore:

Readers are well aware that the Albanian State has seven-tenth of its population as Muslims. A friend from this country named Sharif M. Putra has just arrived in Lahore at the Ahma­diyya Buildings headquarters. He has come here with the holy intentions of studying the faith. Forsaking every comfort of his home he has taken on himself this self-imposed exile in order to help the cause of Islam. This young man has resolved to devote all his life to the holy cause. May Allah bless him and make him firm and steadfast in his resolve.