The Ahmadiyya Movement Day by Day

by Muhammad Manzur Ilahi (Joint Secretary, Ahmadiyya Anjuman Ishaat-e-Islam Lahore)

The Young Islam, 15th July 1934 Issue (Vol. 1, No. 4, Supplement pp. 1–2)

Sierra Leone (British West Africa):

Mr M. M. K. writes:

“With reference to the question of Liberian Muslims, I gather it is your intention to communicate with them. I have already given you the address of the Muslim chief there. I attach a list of the names of the higher officials, merchants, paramount chiefs, and principal men in that country. The natives of Liberia like Islam, and Mr C is doing his best to spread the religion. I am endea­vouring to obtain more addresses of citizens and you will hear further from me about this.

I further enclose my declaration form for admission into the Ahmadiyya Movement. Please send me all particulars necessary for a member. If, however, there is a badge or special kind of dress to be worn at times by members, please let me know the cost. I shall be glad if you will please send me samples of all the daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly publications I shall be able to know to which I could subscribe.”

Reply by the Editor, The Young Islam:

There is no badge or special dress of any kind for an Ahmadi to wear. There is, how­ever, a spiritual badge and it is a pledge of fealty to serve the cause of Islam by the method of the Promised Messiah [Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian].

Java (D.E.I. [Dutch East Indies]):

Mirza Wali Ahmad Beg writes:

“A bro­ther who is a specialist in the Malay language and holds a responsible post of the Government as translator of that language has begun to translate the Dutch Quran into Malay, and as soon as the Dutch Quran is out, we shall arrange to publish its Malay edition. The printing charges of the Malay edition will be very cheap, for we shall not have to pay for the Arabic blocks which have cost us 1,500 guilders. May Allah help us in this work of His!”

Panama Canal Zone (Central America):

1. Mr Abdulla Morris writes:

“I have just received your letter, dated March 16th, of which I have been waiting for a long time. However it was detained somewhere. Our present activities here in Panama are somewhat slow, and we need a strong force or help to assist us to push or to spread this religion in this country. There is a lot of room for service, for the country is teeming with English and French speaking people. Generally speaking it is a cosmopolitan country. Most of the East Indian and West Indian brethren claim that Islam cannot spread in Panama. I say, yes! It can. It only means a little money, literature and effort.

At present our Mission consists of 140 members—of these, there are one hundred East Indian and forty West Indians; therefore, I have a strong incentive that if we get together some­thing can be done. We have tried and regis­tered our Mission under the laws and regula­tions of the Republic of Panama; therefore one embarrassment we have pushed out of the way.

The adjoining countries to us are Colom­bia, Peru, Chile and Costa Rica. They all have Muslims, but I do not know about their activi­ties for there is no correspondence between us.

I am sincerely glad for your offer of Islamic literature. When sending again, please send more of Islam the Religion of Humanity, The Call of Islam, Back to the Quran, The Message of Peace, Islamic Institution of Prayer, and the Prophet of Islam.”

2. Sana Khatun, wife of Mr A. M., writes:

“It is with great joy that I have written this letter. Permit me to tell you the way in which I became a Muslim. On the 8th September 1932, during sleep I dreamt that I was praying with my face to the ground. While praying I felt someone sprinkling water over me, then I looked up to the heaven and saw a lady with a round cap on her head and a white robe or her body. She opened something like a map with a writing as if in Japanese language. I asked her to tell God to help me. She threw down a piece of ice in a new tin and I ate some of it, then I ran with the remaining in the tin through the district to show it to the neighbours what the queen of heaven gave to me. After it I woke up from my sleep.

One week later an Indian gentleman came to my house, whom I knew for some time. I related my dream to him and he was surprised. He went away and brought with him another man, who told me the meaning of my dream. This made me very happy and I cast my lot with Islam. I am now rejoicing in the Truth and praise of Allah. I am willing to do the Master’s work with joy and wish to be a Missionary in the field. I ask your prayers on my behalf with sincere love to you. — (S. K.)”

Philippine Islands:

Mr Tuan Datu Unding writes:

“I find no words suitable enough to express to you my sincere thanks and gratitude for your kindness and love in sending me a copy of the Holy Quran and other Islamic literature. For all this favour I owe you, may God bless and help as to realize the desires and aims that we cherish so that real success and happiness be attained for the good of mankind.

It may be a pride to state that since the receipt of the Holy Quran and other literature my residence is always full of persons seeking truth and guidance, especially at night time when I am home from office. Many a night I used to go to bed very late because of some men and women who requested me to explain to them in our own dialect some chap­ters of the Holy Book. Even some of the Imams and other religious Muslims used to ask me questions regarding the Book and its contents, which I always did with gladness.

Yes, I have just realized that the old teach­ings of most of our Imams here are not in most cases in accordance with the true teach­ings of the Holy Prophet. The reason is very simple. It is because most if not all of them do not understand the true meaning of what they are reading, the Holy Quran being written in the Arabic language.

At present I am quite busy trying to re­organize the Muslims so that by the end of this year we might be able to build a new church, as our old one is in a lamentable con­dition. It needs to be replaced by a new one. I am planning to construct a bigger one than what we have in order to have more accommodation as the members are increasing almost every day.

Lastly, permit me to thank the Ahmadiyya Anjuman Ishaat Islam, and in particular its President, through brother Ilahi.”


It was suggested to an Italian friend if it was possible for him to present personally on our behalf, to Signor Mussolini, the Italian Dictator, a copy of the English translation of the Holy Quran with some other Islamic litera­ture. His reply now received is to the effect:

“I thank you very much for the beautiful books you have sent me and which I am now studying.

I have enquired about the possibility of pre­senting to H. E. Signor Mussolini a copy of the Holy Quran. It is quite feasible and I will gladly perform this sacred duty.

You should send me the copy with a com­plimentary letter in which you should express your feelings and those of the Indian Muslims for our Chief. As soon as I receive such a letter and a copy of the Holy Quran, it will be a true pleasure for me to have them presented, so much more as H. E. Signor Mussolini’s sympathies are very much in favour of the Islamic nations.”


1. Brother Syed Tasaddiq Hussain writes:

“We are busy in pushing on the sacred cause along with our worldly business. It was in­tended to convene weekly meetings during Rabi-ul-Awwal to give lectures on the life and morals of our Holy Prophet Muhammad.

Our deputation waited upon Pir Syed Tahir Saif-ud-din Sahib, the spiritual leader of the Bohras, to welcome him to Iraq. He was very glad to meet our deputation and had a heart-to-heart talk about the present degeneration of Muslims and the need for propagation of Islam among the untouchables. He was presented with Urdu and English copies of the World­wide Religious Revolution, which he much appreciated.”

2. A copy of a letter from Mr R. R. Sammuel (Christian), a friend of brother Sultan Ali, is sent herewith, which shows that our brother’s efforts in the cause of Islam are prov­ing very fruitful. Mr Sammuel writes:

“Know­ing you for the last twelve years and over, I do appreciate your good-heartedness and fellow-­feeling towards all of us. Allow me to thank you for your recent activities aiming at the enlightenment of your friends about Islam, the great religion of Peace which the Almighty God prescribed for the whole of humanity.

I realize for certain that the Holy Prophet Muhammad is the same Comforter about whom Jesus Christ (may peace and the blessings of God he upon him) predicted before ascension to his Father. [Jesus’ ascension was spiritual and not physical. He died a natural death.  — Editor, The Young Islam.]

This wonderful change in you seems to me to be the outcome of your joining the Ahmadiyya Movement, of which His Holiness Maulana Muhammad Ali is the President, with Headquarters at Lahore.

To me it looks that this is the only right Movement which is leading towards world peace and removing hatred between man and man.

How much do I like to see my Muslim brethren join this Grand Unifying Movement and set themselves as the living example of the beauties of Islam, particularly their non­-Muslim brethren.”