The Ahmadiyya Movement Day by Day

by Muhammad Manzur Ilahi (Joint Secretary, Ahmadiyya Anjuman Ishaat-e-Islam Lahore)

The Young Islam, 15th August 1934 Issue (Vol. 1, No. 6, Supplement pp. 1–2)

Sierra Leone, B. W. A. [British West Africa]:

Mr I. C. writes:

“I have seen your very interesting and useful books on Islam, which are the means of attracting educated non-Muslims. Your Movement is doing a great service to Islam and the Muslims, hence I would like to become a regular member of the Ahmadiyya Movement. Please send me full details about the conditions for joining it.”

“I request my brethren who are torchbearers of Islam to extend us their generous help by providing us with Islamic literature so that one might be inspired with the true teachings of Islam. Many of us are quite illiterate, but some know the Malay language, so it would benefit us if literature in this language is sent. We will pay for the books. Please send them, with the bill.

I have received a copy of your quarterly maga­zine, The Muslim Revival, and thank you for the same.”

Mr G. B. writes:

“I am a Christian but through your literature have become interested in Islam and its Founder. I would therefore request you to supply me more detailed information about Islam and its Great Founder. We appreciate your efforts in the cause of Truth.”

Fiji Islands:

Maulana Muhammad Abdullah writes:

“A regular Branch of the Ahmadiyya Anjuman Ishaat-e-Islam Lahore has been established here and its first Conference was held on 1st July 1934, which was very successful.

The great need of the Muslims here is modern education along with religious training. We are trying to start schools for boys and girls and collecting subscriptions. Mr N. B. is leaving for India in August 1934 and will collect funds for the schools. Rs. five thousand will suffice for both schools. We are sending one boy for religious training to India and two girls to Aligarh Girls School.”

Bengal, India:

Mr K. from Darjeeling writes:

“I received your letter with a packet of free literature, which was distributed among suitable persons. Insha Allah, the results would be favourable.

I often meet highly-educated Bengali non-Muslims, and the Europeans can say through my experience that Bengal is the most fertile province for the propagation of Islam as its educated non-Muslims are thirsty for spiritual advancement. If regular work is started among the educated people, it is sure to prove very successful. During my ten years’ sojourn in this province I have not come across any Bengali or non-Bengali Muslim missionary. Although ninety-five percent Europeans are materi­alists, the local educated non-Muslims are trying to find out a spiritual fountain and are very reasonable persons.

I am sending you the addresses of two educated Bengalis who would like to study Islamic literature.”

Dr R. Ali from Jadabpur T. B. Hospital writes:

“I have lately been going through the copy of translation of the Holy Quran without Arabic text by Maulana Muhammad Ali, so kindly presented by you to this Hospital Library in March last. Its reading has fully captivated my mind and comforted my distress­ed soul. The book is so handy that a sick man can read lying down.

I wish I could keep a copy to myself for everyday use but the copy belongs to the Hos­pital Library and there are other claimants too. I can buy a copy but unfortunately for me I am at present penniless.

From my student life I have been keenly interested in your activities for the spread of true Islam. I was a subscriber to your esteemed paper, The Light, and bought many books and pamphlets from your Society while I had means.

I have gone through the copies of Islamic literature with much benefit and pleasure and have distributed them among my friends (patients and staff). I have gone through the pamphlet The Call of Islam and the beliefs of the Lahore Section of the Ahmadiyya Movement and I do not find any cause why we should not rally round the Mujaddid.”

Ceylon [Sri Lanka]:

Mr M. K. M. A. K. writes:

“On 24th June last a mullah [cleric] named A. A. S. arrived here through S. [South] India. He delivered a series of lectures in various places in S. India and Ceylon. Some people honoured him as His Holiness, etc., and they have reckless faith in him as a Shaikh [leader] and have become his murids [followers] and take him in procession.

He is an orthodox mullah and vehemently condemns the modern cultural words and uproariously blames the members of the Ahmadiyya Anjuman and its Founder and also condemns the English Trans­lation of the Holy Quran. What a wonderful creature he is! He preaches worship of tombs of pirs [religious guides] and says it is sunnat and part and parcel of Islam. He further says that dead persons see, hear, and help those who ask their help. This wonderful mullah collects funds from the poor and ignorant people, and causes split among Muslims.

He is touting to Japan and is trying to introduce customs among the illiterate Muslims.

We educated people request the heroes of Islam to fight such worthless creatures and save Islam and the Muslims from degradation.”


Mr S. W. A. K. writes:

“I happened to see, fortunately, a copy of the Holy Quran containing Arabic text with English Translation and Commentary by Maulana Muhammad Ali, a splendid work indeed.

Although I have had no opportunity to study the whole book yet the few pages I have gone through led me to conclude that he has finished the work in a praiseworthy manner and I cannot but thank him for this. The first and foremost thing that attracted my mind is his vast knowledge of the English and the Arabic languages and the mode of his translation. The expression of footnotes is highly remarkable. The next thing which forms the beauty of the volume is the beautiful types in both Arabic and English.”

Bombay Presidency [India]:

Mr M. M. I. writes:

“It is a matter of great pleasure that I have been inspired to be a member of your pious Society which is working zealously and enthusiastically for the cause of Islam. In spite of so much opposition against your Society, it has remained successful. This opposition is like a great wave dashing against a hard rock and returns and disappears. I know everything about the work of the Society through the esteemed papers The Light, The Young Islam, and the Paigham-i-Sulah. Please let me know the rules and regulations for joining your Movement.”

Reply by the Editor, The Young Islam:

There are no elaborate regulations of our Society or the Ahmadiyya Movement. Any Muslim who wishes to devote himself exclu­sively to the propagation of truth and who has accepted Mirza Ghulam Ahmad to be a Divine Reformer and the Promised Messiah in Islam is welcome to join the Movement.

Every member has to make a pledge of fealty that so far as lies in his power he would help the cause espoused by the Ahmadiyya Anjuman Ishaat-e-Islam Lahore.