Notes and Comments: Sardar Dayal Singh Majithia

The Young Islam, 15th September 1934 Issue (Vol. 1, No. 8, p. 2)

The death anniversary of S. [Sardar] Dayal Singh falls on the 9th of this month. His muni­ficence in the cause of the enlightenment of his people will ever stand as a great mark to his memory. At the end of the nineteenth century when education was not much in vogue the Sardar bequeathed his wealth to institutions of great public utility. The English daily, The Tribune, the Dayal Singh College and School, and the Dayal Singh Library are four institutions estab­lished by him.

More than three decades have elapsed and yet all these institutions stand unequalled by any other in the same direction achieved by private enterprise of a single individual. Muslims of this Province are particularly to reflect over this. There is not one library where Islamic literature is available for study. There is not a single hostel for Muslim students flocking round Lahore colleges from all parts of the province. The miserable plight of Muslim students making their private arrangements in lodgings is untold. This is how the Muslims today treat men and insti­tutions connected with enlightenment and edu­cation. Is there not a single Muslim of means who can provide his nation with one of the institutions needed for uplift? There are many among us whose pockets are full but hardly any whose heart is great and whose hand is generous. It is indeed a great slur on the fair face of this faith that the followers of Islam in a Province where they form a majority of sixty percent cannot provide their students with decent libraries and lodgings. It is quite true that the empty boast of the love of his faith and of his poor brethren on the part of the Muslim is most vocal, but neither collective effort nor individual sacrifice can be found to meet the requirements of his national advance and enlightenment!