Anecdotes from the Life of the Prophet Muhammad

by Mumtaz Ahmad Faruqui


1. Lady Ayesha (wife of the Prophet) relates that once a woman, accompanied by her two daughters, came to her door and begged for alms. Lady Ayesha had no money or food in the house at the time except one date (fruit of the date-palm) which she gave to the woman. The woman, however, split the date in half and gave one piece each to her daughters, herself going hungry. After they had left, the Prophet came in. Lady Ayesha related the incident to him. The Prophet was greatly touched by the sacrificing spirit shown by the mother of the girls and he said:

“Whoever is put into trial and tribulation because of his or her daughters, but still treats them well and gets them fixed up in life, then this noble action will serve as a screen from hell.”

2. Abu Amama relates that the Prophet said:

“Whoever treats an orphan well and brings him (or her) up like his own child, then he and I would be together like this (and he showed his two fingers together) in Paradise.”

3. Ibn Abbas relates that the Prophet said:

“That person is not a true Muslim who eats heartily while his neighbour is starving.”

4. Sa’d bin Abi Waqqas relates that the Prophet came to inquire about his health when he fell ill. Sa’d had plenty of wealth, and he wanted to give it all in charity, but the Prophet disagreed with him. Sa’d then suggested that half of his wealth could thus be set apart, but again the Prophet did not agree. It was only when he decided to give away one-third of his wealth that the Prophet gave his consent, though reluctantly. For Sa’d had one daughter and the Prophet desired that she should not be left in want.