Anecdotes from the Life of the Prophet Muhammad

by Mumtaz Ahmad Faruqui

How Islam was Propagated

After the conquest of Mecca, tribes from all over Arabia accepted Islam and owed allegiance to the Holy Prophet Muhammad. For reasons of State, the Prophet sent his trusted Companions as representatives to different parts of the country. Muaz, a Companion young in age but mature in wisdom, was sent to Yemen. He got his caravan ready, rode his horse and came to the Prophet to bid him good-bye. The Prophet gave some very valuable advice to Muaz which he related afterwards to others. The Prophet told him to be patient with the illiterate people.

“First of all, teach them that God is One,”

he said,

“and after they have come to accept it as an unalterable truth, then only should you tell them about His Prophet Muhammad and his teachings.”

The Prophet further told Muaz to render justice that was tempered with mercy. Then the Prophet asked him what if he found no solution to a particular problem or case in hand in either the Holy Quran or in his (the Prophet’s) actions or sayings, what was he supposed to do then.

“I shall use my own judgement then,”

replied Muaz.

At this the Holy Prophet expressed his entire satisfaction and exhorted him always to fear Allah and ask for His help and guidance. Before the Prophet left Muaz, he shook hands with him and expressed his fear that he probably would not meet him again in this life. Muaz could not but shed tears on hearing this. And so, it came to pass that the Holy Prophet died shortly thereafter.