Anecdotes from the Life of the Prophet Muhammad

by Mumtaz Ahmad Faruqui

Kindness Towards the Poor People

1. A poor old woman used to sweep the mosque in Medina, where the Holy Prophet used to say his prayers. She used to sleep in one corner of the compound of the mosque and was fed out of charity by members of the congregation. One day, the Prophet noticed her absence and asked about her. He was informed that she had died the night before and had been buried. The people did not think it worthwhile to inform the Prophet about it. On this, the Prophet rebuked them and forthwith asked to be taken to her grave, where he, in company with other people, recited the funeral prayers for the salvation of her soul.

2. Abu Huraira relates that the Holy Prophet said:

“When a person sees a man who is wealthier and healthier than himself, he should think of those who are poorer and weaker than himself, so that he may not feel discontented and ungrateful.”

On another occasion, the Prophet said:

“There is many a person who looks poor and dishevelled and who may be rudely driven away from a door, but if he takes an oath by God, then God (out of regard and love for him) would see to it that what he has sworn for comes out true.”