Anecdotes from the Life of the Prophet Muhammad

by Mumtaz Ahmad Faruqui

Love for Children

1. The Prophet loved children and was very kind to them, and whenever he found time he used to play with them. It sometimes happened that while he went into the sajdah (prostration that is part of the daily prayer), his two little grandsons, Hassan and Hussain, would climb over his back and ride on him. He would not remove them forcibly, but would wait till they came off, and only then would he continue his prayer.

2. It was an Eid day. The month of fasting had ended, and the great Muslim festival was being celebrated in the proper manner. Charity was extended to the poor and alms were distributed amongst the needy. The Eid prayer and the sermon were duly observed. Now the Eid fair was being held, where food, fancy articles, toys for children and merry-go-rounds were in abundance. People were flocking to it. Children in new clothes were accompanying their parents, and there was laughter and liveliness all around. It was then that the keen and kindly eyes of the Prophet noticed a small boy in tattered clothes, who was standing all alone under a palm tree and was looking longingly and sadly at the other children going to the fair. The Prophet then knew him to be an orphan. He went up to him and smilingly said,

“Let me be your father for the day,”

and then gently jerk him and put him astride his shoulder, and talking and joking, soon brought a smile to the boy’s face, as they both headed for the fair-ground.