Anecdotes from the Life of the Prophet Muhammad

by Mumtaz Ahmad Faruqui

Muhammad: A Model of Veracity and Uprightness

The following very interesting episode from the life of the Holy Prophet gives a glimpse into his true character.

The day on which Ibrahim, his baby son, breathed his last was darkened by a solar eclipse. Some of the Arab tribes were singularly affected by the concurrence of the two events. They thought that the eclipse took place on account of the sad demise, and that the father of the deceased, whose loss was mourned by even the celestial bodies, must surely be a true messenger. Consequently, they flocked to the door of the Prophet and requested him to make them Muslims. The Prophet, on hearing what they meant and what they thought, came out and told them plainly that the phenomenon they had witnessed had nothing to do with the birth or death of any mortal; and that if any of them had been induced under such an impression to accept him as a Divine messenger, he had better go away.

Incidentally, Ibrahim, the Prophet’s only son, died in infancy. When he was dying, the Holy Prophet, accompanied by some of his Companions, visited him. The Prophet’s eyes were filled with tears and he exclaimed:

“The eyes shed tears, the heart grieves, but we are reconciled to what our Creator has ordained for us. But your leaving us, O Ibrahim, makes us sad indeed.”

Thereupon one of his Companions questioned him whether showing grief like this was proper for a prophet of God. The Holy Prophet replied that this was only human nature and an expression of God-given mercy and love.