Anecdotes from the Life of the Prophet Muhammad

by Mumtaz Ahmad Faruqui

Pen-Portrait of the Holy Prophet

The following is a pen-portrait of the Holy Prophet, as outlined in well-authenticated books of the Traditions of the Holy Prophet. The Prophet was neither too tall nor too short; he was of medium stature. The Prophet’s complexion was fair. Parts of his body that were exposed to the air and sun, such as the face, neck, ears and hands, were reddish or tanned, while parts covered by his clothes were white in colour.

The Prophet’s hair was curly and did not hang straight down, yet they were not too bushy. They are stated to have reached the lobes of his ears. The Prophet used to comb his hair, parting it in the middle of the head. In his beard and head, there were only seventeen grey hairs, and never more than that. His beard was thick and not trimmed, and his moustache he wore clipped.

His face was neither long, nor circular, but slightly rounded. His forehead was wide, and the eyebrows were thin and full. Between the eyebrows there was a silvery lustre. The eyes of the Prophet were large and open, deep and dark with a tint of redness. His eyelashes were long and so thick that they looked as if they were about to meet. His nose sloped downward in just proportion; his teeth were white and a little interspersed. His cheeks were firm rather than soft. His neck was neither long nor short. His breast, free from all malice, was broad and no part of it seemed more prominent than the rest. His shoulders were broad and overgrown with hair. Both his hands and arms were fleshy, his wrists long and his palms broad. His feet were wide set. His thighs and calves were fleshy. His body was moderately stout, even in his old age it remained muscular and sinewy. His gait was firm and his step steadfast. In walking he leaned forward and kept his paces close together.