Anecdotes from the Life of the Prophet Muhammad

by Mumtaz Ahmad Faruqui

The Prophet’s Bravery

Although the fall of Mecca had virtually broken the back of their resistance, the infidels offered one more battle at Hunain to the Muslim, amongst whom were many new converts to Islam. Being inexperienced and untried, they fell into an ambush laid by the enemy, and retreated in disorder. The Prophet, with some faithful and brave Companions, was left to face the brunt of the blow. The same unfailing source of solace — unswerving faith in Divine help and implicit conviction in the final triumph of his cause — sustained him then as before. He shouted repeatedly,

“I am the Prophet, there is no untruth in it. I am the son of Abdul Muttalib.”

Abbas, one of his Companions, called out with his stentorian voice:

“O hosts of Helpers, O the companions of the tree!”1

On hearing this, the faithful took heart, and shouting:

“Here we are at thy command,”

they rallied round the Prophet, and fought with such bravery that the enemy was defeated, and many spoils of war and prisoners fell into the hands of the Muslims.

Once at Medina, there was an alarm during the night that a party of the enemy was going to make a night-time attack. Men woke up and armed themselves in a hurry and rushed towards the danger-spot. Shortly, they saw a lone rider approaching them in the darkness, and they prepared to confront him. However, when the rider came nearer, they found to their surprise that it was the Holy Prophet Muhammad himself. On hearing the alarm, he had jumped on the bare back of a horse and ridden off in the darkness to reconnoitre. He soon reassured his people that there was no cause for alarm and everything was all right.



  1. The ‘tree’ referred to was the acacia tree at Hudaibiya under which the Prophet took a pledge from his Companions to serve, fight and, if need be, die for the cause of Islam.