Birth of Jesus

In the Light of the Quran AND In the Light of the Gospels

by Dr. Basharat Ahmad (Revised and edited by Imam Kalamazad Mohammed)

Table of Contents (2005 Edition):

  • Preface to First Edition by Dr. Basharat Ahmad
  • Preface to Second Edition by Enayat Mohammed
  • Acknowledgement
  • Part 1: Birth of Jesus — In the Light of the Quran:
    • Chapter 1: No Procreation without a Pair
    • Chapter 2: Jesus’ Birth compared to Adam’s:
      • Law of Origination and Law of Procreation
    • Chapter 3: Did People accuse Mary of Unchastity?
    • Chapter 4: Why called Ibn-i Maryam (Son of Mary)
    • Chapter 5: Mary taken by Surprise when given by the Angel the Good News of a Son
  • Part 2: Birth of Jesus — In the Light of the Gospels:
    • Chapter 6: Jesus called Son of David through Joseph — Never once denied when called Son of Joseph — His Mother’s Testimony
    • Chapter 7: Matthew’s Self-contradiction — Luke’s “As was Supposed”
    • Chapter 8: Virgin Birth an Ancient Myth — Son-God really Sun-God — Virgin-Birth Story a later Interpolation — Why coined
    • Chapter 9: Emmanuel means “God with Us” (Isaiah 7:14) — A Prophecy literally fulfilled in the Prophet Muhammad:
      • “Fear thee Not, Surely God is with us”
      • The Spider’s Web
  • Appendix: Extract from Jesus in Heaven on Earth by Khwaja Nazir Ahmad, pp. 174–180, 1956 Edition