Centenary of Maulana Muhammad Ali’s English Translation of the Quran (Background, History and Influence on Later Translations)

Compiled by Dr. Zahid Aziz

About this Book

Maulana Muhammad Ali (d. 1951)

This booklet is compiled at the centenary of the publication, in 1917 in England, of the English translation and commentary of the Quran by Maulana Muhammad Ali — the first such work by a Muslim to be printed and published in the West, the first such work by a Muslim to be widely available in the world.

It recounts the history of how the Maulana carried out this unprecedented project, its publication and the reviews it received. Its influence on later translations is discussed in detail. Maulana Muhammad Ali’s thorough revision of it to produce the 1951 edition, is then covered. Information is also provided about editions produced after his death.

At the end, quotations are given from the writings of the Founder of the Ahmadiyya Movement, Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, on the status of the Quran as God’s final revealed book. These inspired Maulana Muhammad Ali and his Lahore Ahmadiyya community to concentrate on the work of making the Quran accessible to the world in various languages.