Five Pillars of Islam

by Khwaja Kamal-ud-Din

Islam—Peace and the Way to Peace

ISLAM as a Faith is constituted of five principles:

  • the formula of the Faith (Kalima Tayyiba),
  • Prayer,
  • Fasting,
  • Almsgiving, and
  • Pilgrimage.

Islam, as it literally signifies, is a religion of peace, and through these above-noted five principles: it has tried to establish peace in the world and the hereafter, which only can be the goal of a religion from God.

Various rules have been laid down by different religious systems of the world for the attainment of the above object, but the religion which has been expounded by Muhammad (peace be upon him!), glories in the fact that it sets human reason as the test of its beneficence. The following looks very impressive and fascinating—in words—

“Blessed are they who are peacemakers.” (Matthew, 5:9)

But just to say so is one thing, and to plan and scheme out ways and means whereby peace and fellowship may become the practical rule of human life is another. Islam gives due weight to human nature when it attempts to solve those difficulties which hamper the growth of any useful institution in the world. Accordingly, if we desire to secure peace, we must in the first place contemplate those circumstances which destroy it. Wars, private or national rivalries, and crimes are but the synonyms of disorder and the absence of peace.