Four Quls

Last Four Chapters of the Holy Quran starting with ‘Qul’

by Nasir Ahmad

Dedication — In the Loving Memory of our Dear Daughter, Zareen Khurram

The English translation and a brief commentary of the Four Quls of the Holy Quran contain comprehensive prayers for seeking Allah’s protection and blessings. We are always exposed to unknown troubles and dangers in life. It is Allah alone Who protects us in His unseen ways, so we should always seek His protection from these dangers while being thankful for His bounties that bring happiness and joy in our transient life on earth.

Our beloved Zareen’s death in a tragic accident has made us realise how insecure is our life and why Allah’s protection and blessing are paramount. While our hearts are heavy with grief on our loss, we submit to Allah’s will. May He bless her with peace and comfort in her eternal abode. Ameen.