Fundamentals of the Christian Faith in the Light of the Gospels

by Maulana Sadr-ud-Din

Jesus, a Human Being and an Apostle of God: Jesus, a Human Being

The Gospels present Jesus as a human being, calling him son of Joseph, son of David, a son of Abraham, son of Adam. In his genealogy there are women as well as men, proving thereby that Jesus was but a human being, belonging to the human race. He said that he was the son of David, and had come to inherit David’s throne. Once, his mother reprimanded him, saying,

“Son, your father and I have been searching after you sorrow­fully. Why did you treat us like that, and, without informing us, got separated from us?”

The Gospel of Luke has on record the words spoken by Jesus’ mother and the answer given by Jesus:

“… and his mother said unto him, Son, why hast thou dealt with us? behold, thy father and I have sought thee sorrowing. And he [Jesus] said unto them, How is it that ye sought me?  ye not that I must be about my Father’s business? And they understood not the saying which he spake unto them” (Luke, 2:48–50).