Fundamentals of the Christian Faith in the Light of the Gospels

by Maulana Sadr-ud-Din

Jesus, a Human Being and an Apostle of God: Jesus Lived in Constant Fear Which is not an Attribute of God

There is yet another point which deserves to be carefully considered. According to psychologists, fear of danger gener­ated during childhood leaves a lasting impress on the mind of a man and that is possibly the reason why Jesus remained a victim of fear and apprehension throughout his life and did not preach before the people openly, but always slipped away from the scene of danger to the place of secrecy and solitude. Jesus believed that his opponents were after taking his life, and he was, therefore, always fear-stricken, and prayed to be saved from the death of dishonour and disgrace.

When he was produced in the court of Pilate, out of fear, he was mute as if he had lost his power of speech, and could not utter a single word in self-defence. Pilate, of course, was highly aston­ished at the plight of Jesus. Similarly, when he regained consciousness after crucifixion, fearing his recapture he disguised himself as a gardener and kept hiding here and there for forty days, finally fleeing from his country to a place of safety. Had there been any Divinity in him, he would have availed himself of this golden opportunity to challenge his opponents and make them accept and acknowledge his claim. But, having been stricken with fear, he had become miserably nervous and spiritless. This hard fact goes to prove conclusively not only that there was not a whit of Divinity in him, but that he was not even a brave and courageous man.