Fundamentals of the Christian Faith in the Light of the Gospels

by Maulana Sadr-ud-Din

The Gospels Contradict Church Doctrine: Jesus Taken Down Alive from the Cross

It is very strange that even the Gospels annul the basis of the Christian faith on the doctrine of Jesus’ damned death on the Cross, and state quite clearly that Jesus, when taken down from the Cross, was alive. He was, however, in a state of uncon­sciousness, and when his side was pierced with the sharp point of a spear, living red blood gushed out and streamed down-an indication that he was still alive. And how could he die by remaining on the Cross only for a few hours? One Joseph of Arimathaea, who was a counsellor of State and a disciple of Jesus, through his influence, obtained the wounded body of Jesus from Pilate, and laid in that unconscious state in a room-­like tomb hewn out in the rock of his garden, and rolled a stone on to its entrance (Matthew, 27:57–60).