Fundamentals of the Christian Faith in the Light of the Gospels

by Maulana Sadr-ud-Din

Jesus Had Been Raised for the Guidance of The Children of Israel: No Historical Evidence of Jesus

Of the life-story of Jesus, only this much is known, as has been stated in the foregoing pages; there is also a mention of his missionary activities, limited only to a short period of three years. No account of his life prior to this period of three years, nor that of the period following crucifixion, when he regained consciousness and escaped to the Eastern countries has ever been committed to writing by any other chronicler. It is for this reason that some European writers have stated that Jesus is not an historical personage, meaning thereby that the details of the life-story of the man who has been installed on the pedestal of Divinity are not known. The fate of his disciples, too, in this respect seems to be no better than that of their Master; except for the fact that their names happen to be recorded in the pages of the Gospels, nothing more is known about them. But not to speak of these insignificant fellows, no one is acquainted even with the life-story of Joseph and Mary, nor of Jesus’ brothers and sisters. It seems, as if, to have been ordained by God Almighty that there should remain no historical trace of the man who was to be deified by the people, nor any trace of his parents, or of his brothers and sisters, or even of his disciples.