Fundamentals of the Christian Faith in the Light of the Gospels

by Maulana Sadr-ud-Din

The Righteous Have Always Existed in the World Says the Gospel

Whereas it is explicitly stated in the Gospel that ever since the world came into being, the righteous people have ever been present in it, the Gospel nowhere says that the whole of the human race is sinful by nature. From a study of the verses quoted below, it becomes abundantly clear that Adam himself was good and righteous; and from his seed righteous people have been born in every age.

“God created man [Adam] in his own image” (Genesis, 1:27).

“Adam … was the son of God” (Luke, 3:38).

To be called and denominated as the son of God is, as a matter of fact, the highest honour which can be attained only by doing good and righteous deeds with a devoted and sincere heart. It would be highly absurd for the Gospel to say that Adam was the son of God and then to say, in the same breath, that he was born in sin, and so also his progeny.

Adam had two sons, Abel and Cain. The Torah says about them:

The Lord had respect unto Abel and to his offering (Genesis, 4:4).

Abel was, in the sight of God, good and righteous, and was designated as the first martyr (refer Genesis, 4:3–5; Matthew, 23:35; Luke, 11:51).

It is thus evident that there were born, among the children of Adam, good as well as guilty persons, and that neither Adam nor the whole of his progeny were sinful and iniquitous. The histor­ical truths recorded in the Bible prove conclusively that the doctrine of calling and condemning Adam and his offspring as sinful by nature is a doctrine repugnant to the Divine teaching revealed by the Most High God. For instance [see next page]: