Fundamentals of the Christian Faith in the Light of the Gospels

by Maulana Sadr-ud-Din

Jesus did not Teach the Doctrine of Atonement: The Law of Reclamation

It can be easily understood from this sacred text that the law which the Most High God gave unto the prophets for the recla­mation of a fallen man was the doctrine of repentance, and he actually succeeded in bringing many a fallen man back to the virtuous path by its means, and sinners became worthy and fit to be admitted into the kingdom of God. This beneficial law which had been inculcated by the prophets is also found embedded in the very nature of man. Parents reform their children by this effective cure, and teachers succeed in reclaiming spoilt chil­dren. It is on account of this natural goodness of the human heart that convicts come to adopt a new life and become useful citi­zens of the State. It is the same natural law by means of which ailments of the human body are cured, and the body once again becomes healthy and “whole.” In the physical as well as in the spiritual world this law of God holds good, and it has proved to be invariably true and effective. The Most High God, being mer­ciful and compassionate, would never wish that a man who has once fallen ill should ever remain so. In the same way, it is not His law that one who has once committed a sin should continue to welter in sin, and should be condemned and thrown out of His kingdom for all time to come.