History of the Prophets

by Maulana Muhammad Ali


In this treatise I have dealt with the lives of the prophets as they are given in the Holy Quran. My chief object in presenting it to the public is to remove the prevailing misconception that the Holy Quran takes its narratives from the Bible or Jewish and Christian traditions. For this purpose, I have contrasted these narratives as met within the Holy Quran with their versions as met with in the Bible or Jewish and Christian traditions. It will be found that wherever previous record has cast a slur on the character of a prophet, the Holy Quran has invariably vindicated it. The Holy Book has further brought out facts which enhance the moral value of these narratives and removed defects and contradictions which have found way into sacred history due to manipulation of facts or carelessness in recording them. This affords the clearest evidence that Divine Inspiration and not any previous record or tradition was the source from which the Prophet obtained information. By doing away with the profanity of sacred history, the Holy Quran has rendered immense service to the Bible itself. This is in accordance with its claim.

Muhammad Ali

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