Instructions and Guidance for the Ahmadiyya Jamaat

by Maulana Muhammad Ali



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Table of Contents:

  • Translator’s Note
  • Summary:
    • Our work
    • Distinctive Features of our Jamaat
    • Our System of Organisation
    • Means of our Progress
  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: Distinctive Features of our Community:
    • Propagation of Islam
    • Sacrifices
    • Knowledge of Religion
    • Observance of the Teachings of Islam
    • Tolerance and Broad-mindedness in Propagation
      • Tolerance Among Muslims
      • Holding Work of Propagation in High Honour
    • Chapter 2: Our System of Organisation:
      • Responding to One Will and One Voice
      • Voice and Call of Consensus
        • Ahmadiyya Movement to Work by Majority View
      • Financial Contributions
        • Contributions by Way of Jihad
      • Respect for, and Trust in, One Another
      • Collective Community Work
    • Chapter 3: Our Progress:
      • Zeal and Conviction of Faith
      • Meetings and Gatherings
      • Learning the Quran
      • Reading Religious Literature
      • Education and Training of the Next Generation
      • Care of the Poor and Destitute
      • Fraternal, Social and Marriage Relations
      • Reporting Shortcomings and Weaknesses
      • Increase and Extension of the Jamaat
      • Giving up Wrong Customs