Instructions and Guidance for the Ahmadiyya Jamaat

by Maulana Muhammad Ali


The brief guidance given here is for those who, by having taken the baiat [pledge] of the Promised Messiah, have pledged to hold the religion above the world. I want these points to be always kept in view. The secret of success towards any goal is no more than that man must not neglect that goal no matter what condition he finds himself in. He must keep it in view under all circumstances that befall him, and remain engaged in the struggle for it.

Before I deal with those matters, it is necessary to explain what work has so far been done by our community, and what work remains to be done in future. Without going into details, I wish to say that the most essential work, which is required not only to propagate and spread Islam among other peoples but the internal reform and progress of the Muslims is connected with it as well, is to disseminate the Holy Quran in different languages of the world and to publicise the teachings contained in this Holy Book, to take the story of the life of the Holy Prophet Muhammad to non-Muslims and Muslims — so that it serves as a source of attraction for the former and as a source of right guidance for the latter — and to remove all the blots which are upon the pure face of Islam by showing the world its true picture.

It is clear that this is the weapon with which Allah Himself sent the Promised Messiah, and this is the successful means which will in the end crush falsehood. To prepare material about the real teachings of Islam in different languages is the first task. The second is to spread those teachings. It is by these two means that the promise of the Quran, that

“He will make it prevail over all religions” (The Holy Quran, 9:33),

will be seen to be fulfilled.

By the grace of God, our community has taken the first step in this gloriously important work, and has also seen the recognition which Allah has made that work to receive. After our translation, the call arose from many quarters to have the Quran translated into English. We do not question anyone’s sincerity but if the aim is the service of Islam then there are scores of other kinds of writings required. As the Holy Quran has been translated into English, it should have been tried to meet the other needs first. In any case, these calls show that by the grace of Allah our step is in the right direction of success. However, what we have done is nothing as compared to what we have to do in future. If the promise of Allah is true, and it is surely true, that the faith of Islam shall be triumphant over all religions, and if the Promised Messiah was sent by Allah, and he surely was, then that true picture of Islam to which the Imam of the age has drawn our attention must be presented and propagated in all the languages of the world.

A useful work having begun, in order to continue it and complete it, it is necessary that the Jamaat which began that work must continue to exist under an organised system which safeguards it from degeneration. It must progress and grow, for if we do not progress then decline must necessarily follow. And if our system is not an organised one, then the present Jamaat cannot continue to exist. This would damage the cause of Islam, for a useful work of the highest order, having started, would have come to a halt. Therefore all the steps for the strengthening and the progress of the Jamaat must be kept in view by each one of us, whatever our circumstances. The stronger the Jamaat and the more progress it makes, this useful work of the service of Islam will advance all the more. Conversely, the more defective is the organisation of the Jamaat and the slower is the pace of progress, this great work of the service of Islam will suffer accordingly. And in the sight of Allah all of us shall be responsible for having neglected the work which we pledged ourselves to do, at the hand of a man sent by God, and for failing to fulfil that compact.