Instructions and Guidance for the Ahmadiyya Jamaat

by Maulana Muhammad Ali


Our Work:

To prepare resources of Islamic knowledge, to produce translations of the Holy Quran in different languages of the world, and to spread them throughout the world.

Distinctive Features of our Jamaat:

  1. The aim of our lives is the propagation of Islam.
  2. To make sacrifices of one’s person and possessions for this end.
  3. To learn about Islam and its history, and about other faiths.
  4. To follow the teachings of Islam and respect its institutions.
  5. To show tolerance and broad-mindedness in the propagation of Islam, and to have love for Muslims.
  6. To respect and honour the service of Islam.

Our System of Organisation:

  1. We all follow one call and respect that call.
  2. That call is the call of the consensus of the Jamaat, from which no individual should deviate.
  3. The financial system is that all members must:
    1. give two-thirds of their zakat to the Jamaat,
    2. pay out of their income one anna for every rupee1 as contributions, and
    3. donate towards specially arising needs.
  4. To respect and honour one another, think well of one another, and also hold the leaders to account.
  5. To take such a close interest in the work of the community so as to give it precedence over personal business.

Means of Our Progress:

  1. The zeal and fervour of faith created in us by the Promised Messiah, due to his spiritual power, must be ever on the increase.
  2. To meet one another. To visit the centre, Lahore, and to attend the annual gathering is essential. In your own towns and cities, apart from the Friday gathering, there should be another day fixed for coming together and discussing some religious topic.
  3. Dars of the Holy Quran (talks explaining meanings of some part of the Quran) must be conducted regularly.
  4. We must keep up study of the literature of the Movement and its periodicals.
  5. Our children’s education, so far as possible, should be at the Muslim High School2.
  6. The poor, needy, fatherless children and widows should be looked after.
  7. Marriages should take place among ourselves.
  8. When we notice something which requires rectification or improvement, it is our duty to inform the Centre about it.
  9. We must be concerned about extending the Jamaat in size. We must propagate the message of this Movement to our relatives, and then to others. We must ensure that our wives and children take the baiat [pledge].
  10. Giving up wrong customs.



  1. The Rupee is the currency in Pakistan and India, and was divided into 16 annas at the time of writing.
  2. This was a school founded and run by the Anjuman in Lahore.