Islam is Modern

by Maulana Sadr-ud-Din

Table of Contents:

  • Synopsis of the Doctrines of Islam:
    • Unity of God
    • Unity of Humanity
    • Law of Salvation
    • Dignity of Man
    • The Form of Government
    • Non-Muslim Subjects
  • Description and Discussion of the Islamic Ideology and Religious Principles of Islam:
    • Unity and Universality of God
    • Unification of Mankind
    • Law of Salvation:
      • Salvation
    • The Law of Salvation should not Entertain Discrimination of any Description
    • Universalism is a Prominent Feature of Islamic Teachings
    • Islam is International
    • Dignity of Man
    • No Segregation in Islam
    • The Form of Government — Freedom of Conscience, Freedom of Opinion, Freedom of Expression and Economic Freedom
    • The Treatment meted out to the Non-Muslim Subjects:
      • Rules and Regulations of a responsible Democratic Government as laid down in the Quran
    • Covenants, Pacts, Promises and Oaths
    • Care of the Poor:
      • State Revenues must allocate Expenditure for the Poor
    • The Religious Leaders and the Rich People