Islam, Peace and Tolerance

by Dr. Zahid Aziz

About this Book

  • Does Islam really teach that Muslims must fight a jihad by weapons and arms to subdue all others on earth?
  • Does it really forbid freedom of religion to followers of other faiths and to Muslims themselves?
  • Does it really tell Muslims to attack and even kill anyone who, they think, has insulted their religion and abused their Prophet Muhammad?
  • Does Islam really allow the killing of the general public by any kind of attack, suicide or otherwise?

No, Islam does not! It actually teaches the opposite.

This book proves from the Quran and the life of the Prophet Muhammad that the answer to each of these questions is a clear, emphatic and resounding: No!

On the contrary —

  • Islam teaches Muslims to live in peace with all others in the world, tolerating religious differences.
  • It recognises for everyone the freedom to believe in and practise whatever religion they wish.
  • It requires Muslims to show self-restraint and patience in the face of verbal abuse of their religion.
  • It deplores any kind of violent attack on the general public of any country, innocently going about their daily business.