Islam, Peace and Tolerance

by Dr. Zahid Aziz


Hadith Collections:

  1. In references in this book to the “six most authentic collections” of Hadith (Bukhari, Muslim, Abu Dawud, Tirmidhi, Ibn Majah and Nasai), the number denoted by h is the number of the hadith at the online resource, and is the number which that resource marks as “Reference”.
  2. For Bukhari and Muslim, we provide additionally in parentheses a reference to the widely-available translations by Muhsin Khan for Bukhari and A.H. Siddiqui for Muslim. Such a reference begins with MK or AHS, as appropriate, and is followed by the book number and the hadith number in those translations, indicated by b and n.
  3. These references can also be located in the printed editions of these Hadith collections, with English translation, published by Maktaba Dar-us-Salam of Riyadh. In cases where the h number mentioned in (1) above is not available in these editions, we have added in parenthesis the number used in the printed edition and indicate it by MDR.
  4. Note that translations of hadith reports as given in this book may be differently worded from the translations in the sour­ces mentioned above.

Quran Quotations:

Given on the next page is a list of verses of the Quran, by chapter and verse, which are discussed in this book, and the page numbers on which they occur. When a verse number is followed by a dash, as in 2:190–, it indicates that the quotation extends to verses beyond this verse, on some or all of the pages mentioned.

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