Islamic Social Justice

The Holy Prophet as the Mercy for the Peoples

by Maulana Sadr-ud-Din

Table of Contents:

  • Guidance for Mankind
  • Teaching for Here and Hereafter
  • His Indomitable stand against Odds
  • General Amnesty
  • Justice without Discriminations against Foes
  • The Holy Quran needs no Human Advocacy for its surpassing Excellence
  • Socialism is Born of Social Contrasts
  • Divine Command to follow the Quranic Injunctions
  • The Holy Quran is Immutable
  • The Holy Prophet’s Close Relationship with the Poor
  • The Holy Prophet’s Love of the Poor
  • Share of the Poor in the Public Exchequer
  • Human Beings constitute the Family of God
  • International Justice
  • Claims of the Poor on the Rich
  • The Poor should Respect the Rich
  • The Question of Self-respect
  • International Equality
  • Exhortation at the Time of Death
  • The Holy Prophet in the Eyes of His Wife
  • The Sons of Adam are Honourable