Model Prayers for the Week (Selected Prayers of Imam Zainul-Abidin)

by Al-Hajja Khurshid Khanum Qassim Ali Jairazbhoy

For Thursday

All praise is due to God, Who removed the dark night with His power and brought the bright day with His mercy; and clothed me with His1 light and gave me His1 blessing.

Therefore, O Allah! since Thou hast kept me alive for this day, be pleased to spare me for other days similar to it; and bless Muhammad and his Al, and do not afflict me in it and in other nights and days for my having done things forbidden, and for my having committed guilt; and confer on me its benefit, and the benefit of what be in it and the benefit of what follows, and turn away from me its evil and the evil of what be in it and the evil of what comes after it.

O Allah! Verily, I seek access to Thee on the security of Islam, and rely on Thee through the sanctity of the Quran, and seek intercession with Thee through Muhammad, the chosen, may Thou bless him and his Al. Therefore, O Allah, recognise my security whereby I hope the satisfaction of my need. O most Merciful of the merciful ones.

O Allah! In the fifth day of the week grant me five things which none has power (to vouchsafe) except Thy generosity and which none can afford save Thy bounty: a soundness, whereby I may gain strength to obey Thee and a service whereby I may deserve Thy magnificent reward; and an immediate prosperity by means of lawful livelihood, and guard me, on occasions of danger, with Thy security and take me in Thy protection against the troubles of anxieties and grief.

O Allah, bless Muhammad and his Al and let my access to him for intercession be a beneficial one on the Day of Judgment: verily Thou art the most Merciful of the merciful ones.


  1. The pronoun may refer to “day” and in that case “its” should be substituted.