The New World Order

by Maulana Muhammad Ali


Out of evil comes good, and the terrible ruin and misery of the present war may only be an inauguration of a new era of happiness for the human race. It was with such a hope that I wrote a small tract, entitled The New World Order, in Urdu, in December, 1942. A few months later came a suggestion, from distant Iraq, to render the same into English for the benefit of the English-speaking world. This prompted me to approach the subject anew, and the present book is the result.

If the ideas presented in these pages are in any way helpful to bring about a betterment of the human race, the credit for this service to humanity does not go to the author but to the selfless and devoted band of co-workers of Ahmadiyya Anjuman Ishaat-i-Islam, Lahore who have made possible the dissemination of these ideas.

In this book, The New World Order, I have tried to offer a solution for the ills which materialism has brought in its train. It is a brief discussion, no doubt, but amply supported by references to original authorities. All references given without an indication of the name are to the Holy Quran [in this online version, the full reference has been provided], the first figure representing the number of the chapter and the second the number of the verse. In the references to Hadith books, B. stands for Bukhari [B. has been replaced by Sahih Bukhari in this online version], M. for Muslim [M. has been replaced by Sahih Muslim in this online version], Msh. for Mishkat [Msh. has been replaced by Mishkat al-Masabih in this online version], AD. for Abu Dawood [AD. has been replaced by Abu Dawood in this online version], Tr. for Tirmidhi [Tr. has been replaced by Tirmidhi in this online version], Ah, for Musnad of Ahmad [Ah has been replaced by Musnad of Ahmad in this online version], the two figures representing the number of the book and the number of the chapter respectively, except in the last case where reference is to volumes and pages. For a fuller discussion on most of these and other subjects relating to Islam, the reader is referred to my larger work, The Religion of Islam, which is a comprehensive work exhaustively dealing with the principles, laws and regulations of Islam.

Before concluding this short foreword, I must give expression of my thanks generally to every member of the Ahmadiyya Anjuman Ishaat Islam, Lahore, who has been helpful in bringing out this work in these difficult days, and in particular to the following gentlemen who have offered liberal donations or made efforts to collect funds for the free distribution of this book on a large scale:

  • Abdul Latif Ismail, Baghdad.
  • K.S. Haji Mian Abdul Qader Patel, Bhiwandi.
  • K.S. Haji Amir Sahib M. Rais, Manor.
  • Syed Tasadduq Husain Qadiri, Baghdad.
  • Mr. N.A. [Naseer Ahmad] Faruqui, Bombay.
  • Mirza Muzaffar Beg, Lyallpur.
  • Haji S. Mian Muhammad, Lyallpur.
  • Haji S. Muhammad Ismail Maula Bakhsh, Lyallpur.
  • Shaikh Niaz Ahmad, Wazirabad.

Muslim Town—Lahore January 1944
Muhammad Ali