Proofs from the Holy Quran of the Existence of God — A Summary of Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad’s Arguments

Edited and translated by Imam Kalamazad Mohammed

Proof 05

The fifth testimony of the Holy Quran is along the same lines as the above but the argument is more powerful and of a higher order. Accordingly, Allah, Most High, says:

Blessed is He in Whose hand is the Kingdom, and He is Possessor of power over all things, Who created death and life that He might try you — which of you is best in deeds. And He is the Mighty, the Forgiving, Who created the seven heavens alike. Thou seest no incongruity in the creation of the Beneficent. Then look again: Canst thou see any disorder? Then turn the eye again and again — thy look will return to thee confused, while it is fatigued” (67:1–4).

Many people aver that the whole universe came into being by chance and all this was formed by an accidental arrangement of matter. They have even called upon Science in their attempt to prove that it is possible for the world to come together all by itself and to be working automatically and that there was no Hand in the background operating the machine. However, Allah, Most High, answers these base assertions in the above verses by saying that things that are assembled haphazardly do not possess a cohesive or an orderly system but are instead disconnected. For example, different kinds of colours are used in painting a picture but can one just splash all kinds of colours on a piece of paper and come up with a complete or meaningful picture? Again, houses are made of bricks, but if one just throws bricks together randomly, will a well-fashioned house come into being? Let us accept for argument’s sake that many events happen accidentally, yet if we look at the perfect order operating in the world, no man in his right senses can claim all this happened by itself. Let us admit that matter came into existence spontaneously and further that the earth was automatically created out of this matter and let us go further and accept that man, too, came into being by chance. However, if we look carefully at the creation of man, can we accept that this magnificent creation came into existence all on its own?

When we see a splendid picture, we immediately think that a famous painter must have created this beautiful work. Similarly, a well-crafted piece of writing bespeaks a brilliant writer and the more we concentrate on it the more our minds begin to appreciate the beauty and grandeur of the maker or writer’s creativity. So, how can we ever imagine that such a perfectly well-ordered world can just come into being all by itself?

We must ponder a little on this point: since faculties are provided to man for progress, he has been given an intellect to enable him to put his ideas into practical use, and his body is likewise fashioned in accordance with this same pre-ordained arrangement. For instance, he has to work hard for his livelihood so he has the ability to move about in order to procure his sustenance; if the sustenance for trees lies in the earth, roots are provided in order to draw full nourishment for them; if meat is needed as food for a lion, it is endowed with claws for hunting and capturing its prey; if grain is the designated sustenance for horses and bulls, they are given long necks to help them to reach their food, and if camels need to feed off the leaves and thorns of trees, they are created with long necks. Did this elaborate arrangement come about by chance?

According to atheist philosophers, chance had already made it known that a camel be given a long neck, a lion should have claws, trees must have roots, and man be given legs. Let us accept these things as true, but can we imagine that whatever work was accomplished all by itself was also blessed with such an intrinsic, elaborate and pre-planned system?

To continue, if man was given lungs, air was provided for him to use them. If it was ordained that water was essential for his life, then, through the sun and the clouds, arrangement was made for him to have water. If he was given ears, then melodious voices were created at the same time. Together with a tongue came delightful voices, and with a nose came sweet aroma. If he were given eyes, then to make them serviceable, the sun was created.

It may be possible that chance could have created lungs, but how did a system designed to produce air for them come into being? Chance may have possibly created eyes, but it must have been a glorious accident that went millions of miles away to produce a sun by which man benefits. If, on the one hand, chance created ears, on the other hand, which power was it that created voices? Let us assume that in cold countries chance produced dogs and bears, but what caused these animals to possess such long hair as would help them to be protected from the cold? Thousands upon thousands of illnesses must have cropped up accidentally and chance must have produced remedies. Chance, too, must have produced the scorpion herbs which, when touched, induces itching, and chance, too, must have created alongside the herbs, spinach for man so that he can counteract the effect of the itch. This accident that the atheists postulate must be a wonderful mechanism that, for whatever was destined to die, it established for it a chain for procreation, whilst all those things that are not fated to die are bereft of such a system. If man were to be born and it was deemed that he should never die, then in a few years time the world would come to an end. Therefore, for this reason, death was ordained for him, but the sun and the earth do not experience a new birth nor would they die. Is it not something wondrous that although there is a magnetic attraction between the sun and the earth, they are stationed so far away as to prevent a collision? Are not all these marvels sufficient to prove that for all these objects in creation there is a God Who is not only Knowing but is, in fact, possessed with limitless knowledge? His laws are so highly regulated and from such a sophisticated system that there is no discrepancy in them nor any deficiency. As for me, my very fingers tell me that there is such a God. For example, I have been gifted with knowledge but if I were given the claws of a lion, would I have been able to write? The lion was not given knowledge, so it was blessed with claws whereas I was provided knowledge and fingers with which to write.

In the nations of the world there are hundreds of thousands of planners who work day and night to ensure the smooth running of the country, yet we still observe that they make such grievous errors as would cause severe and dangerous damage to the country. As a matter of fact, on many occasions they have brought total ruin to the nation. Now, if the whole business of this world came into existence merely by accident and not by design, then it is amazing how so many brilliant minds fall into error, for this wondrous thing called chance is not supposed to make mistakes. The truth is that there is a Creator of this universe and He possesses infinite knowledge. He is also Omnipotent, and if that were not so, we would not be able to contemplate such a magnificent system in operation. Thus, according to the Holy Quran:

“… thy look will return to thee confused, while it is fatigued,”

but you will perceive that a system pervades everything in the world: virtue reaps a just reward whilst evil meets with punishment; every object performs its assigned task and is not remiss in its duty even for a second or less. This is a vast subject but I wish to end the discussion at this point.